JNC Forum is live again.

Over the weekend the JNC forum experienced a catastrophic database crash equivalent to a con-rod through the block. For four days we worked with our webhost to trouble shoot the problem. At one point we thought we had lost 2½-plus years of data when a technician backed up and repopulated the database with an older copy. Thankfully, that was averted with the help of a very knowledgable (and patient) systems admin named George who was able to recover everything up until mid-August 2013. While not ideal, it’s a helluva lot better than reverting to January 2011.

We humbly apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience. In the last month or so, if you created an account or changed your username/password you’ll have to recreate your account or use your old username/password. Everything has gone back in time one month. That big whoosh you hear is the JNC staff breathing a huge sigh of relief.

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9 Responses to JNC Forum is live again.

  1. sedanlover says:

    It also looks like its an old version… nothing newer than 2010. Embrace the nostalgia!

  2. Nakazoto says:

    These things happen, no worries at all!

    The JNC forum is still the best forum out there and I really appreciate all the hard work you guys are putting into this site and the forum!

    Thank y’all very much!

  3. DmK66 says:

    Well done George, not so well done “Technician”.

  4. Kuroneko says:

    Not like we pay for it or anything. Free is free…

  5. Tyler says:

    If only we could accidentally revert the cars on the street back to the “1991 Honda Lineup”…

  6. Victor says:

    Thanks for fixing it guys! Hiccups happen and we understand when they do.

  7. Peg Baldwin says:

    We’ve probably all lived through worse. But, still, as a computer tech myself, I hate it when that happens. Thanks for all you do. And thanks to George too.

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