JNC Contest Answer: 1925 Otomo

taxi2Congrats to Brad D. (TSiSS350), who guessed correctly that the yesterday’s JNC Contest Car was a 1925 Otomo! Here’s a brief history of the car and Brad’s prize after the jump.

taxi3There were three engine sizes available: 1.0L, 1.3L, and 1.5L. Not only was it sold in all of Japan, but it lays claim to the title of first Japanese car ever exported.

taxiMost were used as taxis and commercial vehicles, as Japanese infrastructure and society was not constructed around the automobile at the time. As you can see, the Otomo taxi in the photo above served alongside rickshaws!

taxi4Unfortunately, the Otomo did not benefit from the wonders of mass production. It was outsold by cheaper, imported Fords and Chevys. How times have changed!

jnc contest carOnly about 300 were built before the company went bankrupt in 1928. This particular example was purchased and restored by the Toyota Automobile Museum.

tomica isuzu busFor his correct answer, Brad wins this old school Tomica Isuzu bonnet bus and a bonus coffee can Mazda RX-7.

[Images: KoyapopTAM]

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6 Responses to JNC Contest Answer: 1925 Otomo

  1. bert says:

    How do you guys know all this crap? I thought I knew a lot about cars, now I feel insignificant and dumb!

  2. boyee says:

    Ooo I want that first gen RX-7! Haha that’s sweet! Congrats Brad!

  3. Sr-FairladyZ says:

    A bus? Pretty lame. 😉 lol

  4. Nice that will go right along with his real bus, I mean 1gen RX-7.

  5. G-zilla says:

    Whoa! Nice prizes Brad!

  6. mark says:

    Hi All:

    Were there any prewar Japanese upercharged production cars?

    What was the earliest/first supercharged production Japanese car?



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