VIDEO: Jerry Seinfeld will drive the hubcap off a Mazda Cosmo Sport

Seinfeld Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Mazda Cosmo Sport

In the trailer for the upcoming season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld drives the hubcap off a Mazda Cosmo Sport. This marks the first Japanese car to appear in the series, if you don’t count the completely pointless Acura plug cars that Seinfeld would point at saying, “Here’s the plug car,” before swiftly moving on. The season’s guests are Judd Apatow, Margaret Cho, Jim Gaffigan, Lorne Michaels, John Oliver, and J. B. Smoove. Can anyone guess who gets the ride in the Cosmo Sport? 

If you guessed Margaret Cho, you’d be correct. As regular watchers know, Seinfeld tries to pair this guests with the car. Cho is a motorcycle enthusiast and has owned a classic 1966 Honda Dream 305, among others. What’s the connection to the Mazda? We’ll have to wait until June 16, when the new season airs, to find out.

Full disclosure: JNC was contacted by Seinfeld’s producers to source the Mazda Cosmo Sport. We were not told which comedian would be getting coffee in it.


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2 Responses to VIDEO: Jerry Seinfeld will drive the hubcap off a Mazda Cosmo Sport

  1. sedanlover says:

    This is a great collaboration, JNC & CCC. Jerry is a living legend and you need to work more with him and the show. So many great Japanese cars to feature on the show! Not sure which comedians he’d “pair” with the likes of a Toyota Sports 800 (wait, is there only 1 registered in the US of A?), or a retro Civic or Accord. Not to mention a classic Z or Skyline… He could also ride in more obscure vehicles, like wagons, vans or off roaders.

    I’m getting excited. Hopefully he’s got 6 more seasons up his sleeve.

    Thanks JNC.

  2. alvin says:

    oh c’mon

    of course Seinfeld would put her in the Mazda.
    Some of my favorite Seinfeld episodes have memorable ASIAN people in them:

    Uh, excuse me, you must know where the chinese restaurant is around here.
    Chinese Mailman: Why must I know? Because I’m Chinese?! You think I know where all the Chinese restaurants are?! Oh, ask honorable Chinaman for rocation of restaurant

    Should’ve talked to her; I love Chinese women.
    Isn’t that a little racist?
    If I like their race, how can that be racist?..
    Oh, is this Donna Chang again?!..

    good times

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