These Mazda rotary facemask holders are the latest from a Japanese jewelry company that makes car-themed bling

The year-plus-long hell that the COVID-19 pandemic has spawned some interesting products. For example, Japanese jewelry company Jerev has made a facemask holder in the shape of a Mazda rotary engine rotor. Basically, The flat side sticks to your dash, and the curved part gives you a handy little place to hang your mask’s strap. The only hook (no pun intended) is that it costs ¥13,200 ($120 USD).

“When driving a car alone, where do you put the mask after you remove it?” Jerev’s website asks. “We thought it would be convenient if there was a hook that you could hang it on.” Each rotor hook is made to order and weighs approximately 15 grams. You can select one of five finishes, including brass, rhodium, K18YG gold, gunmetal, or silver.

But that’s not all Jerev does. The company actually specializes in automotive themed jewelry. They also make a ¥18,700 ($172 USD) necklace that looks suspiciously similar to an NA Mazda Miata valve cover. In fact, there’s a whole line of bling that includes necklaces with steering wheel, disc brake, tire, wheel, spark plug, fuel injector, crankshaft, piston, or turbo pendants.

Whoever designs the items must have an affinity for Mazdas, because a lot of it is rotary engine-themed, like a rotor-shaped ring or ¥74,800 ($686 USD) platinum rotor-shaped earrings. There is one Toyota-centric item, and that’s a ¥49,500 ($454 USD) silver and cubic zirconium ring that goes around your Engine Start button.

These aren’t cheap, but if you must have a rotor-shaped mask holder, you now know where to turn. You can also, you know, just hang it on your turn signal stalk or door handle.

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5 Responses to These Mazda rotary facemask holders are the latest from a Japanese jewelry company that makes car-themed bling

  1. J says:

    I’m a rotary engine fan, and love entrepreneurial effort, but I’d be embarrassed if I paid that kind of cabbage. The silliness of a mask hook on the dash aside, the quality and detail is really poor.

  2. j_c says:

    Nope. That will go in the garage to hang the keys.
    And at that price it’s probably for Cosmo owners.

  3. Alan says:

    You put it on the turn signal stalk, actually. Love those cufflinks though.

  4. CycoPablo says:

    If I really needed to hang my mask in the car (instead of keeping it under my chin) I’d put a 3M clip on the interior light housing. It’s not dragging on a dusty console, which may also possibly harbor microbial nasties.

    Making such a rotor hook wouldn’t be hard. Grind/file a washer, introduce a star washer, a few centre-punches, spot-weld (braze if you’re fussy) and sand/file/polish/paint or lacquer.
    But I can’t be bothered!

  5. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    That’s like some Titanium ventilator nose clip. I’d be more concerned about cancelling the Olympics & getting vaccines out of warehouses & into arms. Just got back from Tokyo yesterday. It was depressing.

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