Jeremy Clarkson Decapitates Mr. K

This week’s news segment on the most hilariousest motoring show in TV-dom, Top Gear, has a guide to presents for the holidays. Unfortunately, despite the speed of teh Internets, by the time this could get across the Atlantic from the from the soccer-is-football bureau courtesy of tipster Madflava, it was too late for most major observances descended from druid solstice festivals.

Still, we couldn’t help but notice the lineup of Nissan paraphernalia, including a sled, Z-car aloha shirt, and – wait for it – a bobblehead of Yutaka Katayama! Yes kids, now you can have your very own desktop figurine of Mr. K, the man who brought you the 510, 240Z and a series of zany mid-90s car commercials, complete with cane and Cosby vest!

And, that’s still not enough Nissan-themed gear for you, there’s also a skateboard, barbecue grill, electric guitar and kayak. Shift_co-branding!

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