JCCS Spotlight: Best in Show Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE

We’ve completed eleven installments of the biggest JCCS ever. It was a landmark year, one that saw approximately 500 cars and over 10,000 spectators, both new records. The competition was tougher than ever, but when the dust settled there was only one Best in Show, and this year it went to Jerry Rosenblum’s 1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE.

The car was impossibly original, and looked as if it had just rolled off a factory line. It basically had, with just 18,000 original miles on the odometer. Not only was it an immaculate specimen, it was the top-spec trim of the first-gen RX-7 available in the US.

It was the first RX-7 to bear the legendary 13B rotary engine, while the rest of the lineup came with the smaller 12A. Variations of this motor would go on to power its two successors. Here, it made 135 horsepower, 34 more than its 12A siblings.

We asked the judges why Jerry’s RX-7 was chosen. The answer, in a word, was originality. “All rubber on the outside of the vehicle survived,” they explained. “The fenders, doors, glass hatch, everything is gapped evenly, as if they were never touched. The plastic on taillight is perfect. Interior wear and tear is next to none. The dash is super clean, no UV weathering. Even the paper ring around coolant reservoir that says ‘Coolant’ is still there.”

We think this is a fitting choice for JCCS in the year 2018. About a decade ago, Best of Shows were often awarded to cars that had every possible mod and kandy colored paint jobs. Sure, the workmanship and money poured into those builds were second to none, but they weren’t really keeping with the spirit of JCCS. There are other shows for builds of that sort. Now, originality is what judges are looking for. How times have changed.

To be continued…

We’ll have more 2018 JCCS coverage coming up, but in the meantime, in case you missed it, check out Part 01 — JDM, Part 02 — Toyotas, Part 03 — Hondas, Part 04 — Subaru and Isuzu, Part 05 — Trucks, Part 06 — Mazdas, Part 07 — Nissan Bluebirds, Part 08 — Sunnys, Part 09 — Fairladies, Part 10 — Bubble Era, and Part 11 — Bikes, as well as a spotlight on the Wild Cards and the first Honda race car in America.



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11 Responses to JCCS Spotlight: Best in Show Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE

  1. cesariojpn says:

    Find it odd the previous articles actively highlight modded cars and whatnot, yet this happens. You have to wonder if actively destroying history is even worth it in this game.

    • Ben Hsu says:

      Why is it odd? The vast majority of cars at JCCS are modified. We have to cover both modded and stock.

      • speedie says:

        Modded and original cars both have their place at car shows. I love it when I go to a show and see a car that someone has obviously poured their heart and soul into (and often wallet). I also love it when I see an all original low mileage car, like the 20K mile mid 80s Subaru I saw last year that was owned by a 26 year old. It won peoples choice award BTW.

        For many years original JNC were not thought of as being anything special and it was only the modded cars that got people excited. If you look at the pricing of JNC at Bring a Trailer over the past two years you will see that top pricing has shifted from highly modded high horsepower cars to original low mileage ones.

  2. Spirit Road says:

    Uber clean!

  3. Bill Wilkman says:

    Nice to see a fully intact, original example given top honors.

  4. Sam says:

    This is tagged as SA22 but should be FB.

  5. Rotornutcase says:

    I am curious about two items on the -7. Is this a special production color, as my 1985 OEM RX-7 brochure does not list it and I have never seen this color before? Also, I thought all the side view mirrors came from the factory unpainted, as in basic black plastic. Just wondering. Otherwise, a very clean car, inside and out.
    BTW, great coverage of a great event!!!

    • Efrem A Hug says:

      I had a red GSL SE as well, and while it wasn’t nearly in this condition, it did have red mirrors… my white GSL SE had black mirrors.. perhaps it was only red tones that had it? I dunno!

    • Efrem A Hug says:

      I had a red GSL SE, it had red mirrors.. My white GSL SE had black mirrors.. maybe just the red cars had matched mirrors?

  6. premalal says:

    can you sell right side completed dashboard.

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