JCCS PREVIEW: Set-up day

JCCS setup

Set-up for the 9th annual JCCS has mostly finished. If you’re not here tomorrow for the show you’re missing out. See you on the flip side!

Photo by Jason Kusagaya.

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7 Responses to JCCS PREVIEW: Set-up day

  1. BearChair says:

    Those are gorgeous cars but why did you have to ruin the photo by dutching the angle so much. It looks like they are all about to slide off a table.

  2. Drive510 says:

    On my way there now.

  3. invinciblejets says:

    Killing me …….tired of these muscle car shows on the east coast mustang after mustang after mustang….gosh!!!!!!

  4. pstar says:

    Califormians: for a Toyota enthusiast, especially an AE86 fanatic, is this show or TORC the better?

  5. jdmeg21 says:

    Glad I made it to the show. I’m even more excited about getting my 71 Corona ready for the 10 year anniversary JCCS. I loved the venue but was disappointed when I only saw 2 Coronas there, guess its a good thing to have a some what rare car but pain in the butt when trying to find parts. .

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