JCCS Preview: San Mamiya stickers and prints


At JCCS this year, JNC is proud to carry the works of one of Japan’s best automotive artists. San Mamiya stickers and prints will be available at the JNC booth in very limited quantities, so get there early. Here’s a listing of what we’ll have. 

Straight from Japan, offered for sale for the first time in North America, are San Mamiya’s Series One stickers:

  • “Hard Core” Nissan Skyline hakosuka
  • “Tall Boy” Honda City Turbo
  • “Nobushi” Mazda Savanna RX-3

These are printed in Japan and depict iconic Japanese classics in San Mamiya’s signature anime style. They will be available for $3.00 each.

We’ve also reprinted a short run of our San Mamiya x JNC prints, which will be available for $12.00 each.

See you Saturday!

San Mamiya is an illustrator whose work you can find on here on JNCInstagram and BigCartel



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  1. Im jhun_hapi says:

    Are you guys going to offer the stickers and S30 Z poster online? Would like to get some.

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