JCCS Preview: Nissan is now an official JCCS sponsor


For the first time since the Japanese Classic Car Show’s inception, Nissan is finally an official sponsor. This Saturday will mark the 11th annual JCCS, and in the decade we at JNC have been setting up our little red canopy, we’ve heard one consistent complaint: “Toyota, Mazda and Honda are sponsors, where’s Nissan?” Well, they’re here now, and even bringing some cars from the Zama warehouse in Japan. Here’s a preview of what they’re showing.

This pair, a 1967 Datsun 411 and 1972 Datsun 510 should look familiar. We crashed the celebration of supercar excess known as Monterey Historic Car Week in them recently.

They will be joined by a distant descendant, a 1975 610 Bluebird-U, shipped over straight from the Zama warehouse in Japan!

El completamente nuevo Nissan Maxima 2016 llegará a nuestro país a finales de este verano.

The idea is to show a succession of sport sedan lineage leading up to the 2016 Nissan Maxima.

Produced for only one year, the VG223 had the dimensions of a compact wagon. It was a rare sight in the U.S. market, with only 269 Datsun trucks imported in total, and most of those being pickups. Surfboards were not included with the purchase price.

This 1960 Datsun VG223 Van was available for only one year. According to Nissan’s records, only 269 were imported that year, and most of them were pickups. This van is owned by Nissan’s advertising agency, TBWA\CHIAT\DAY and was owned by the founder. It sits in their lobby at their Los Angeles offices today.

The 2016 Nissan TITAN XD, which made its world debut at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, is set to shake up the highly competitive full-size pickup segment when it goes on sale in the United States and Canada beginning in late 2015 - with a bold all-new design that stakes out a unique position in the segment between traditional heavy-duty and light-duty entries.

Of course, the 223 is being used to show Nissan’s truck heritage, so they’ll also have a 2016 Nissan Titan XD with the Cummins turbodiesel and a 12,000-pound towing capacity. It doesn’t debut till later this year, so this will be your first peek at what could be your next tow vehicle.

The Nissan R390 GT1 had a brief two-year racing career, including Le Mans. The mid-engine design utilized a 641-horsepower 3,495cc twin-turbo V6 engine with 470 lb-ft of torque. It was timed at 3.3 seconds 0 – 60 mph and 10.9 seconds at 155 mph for the ¼-mile. Two road car versions were built with a price tag of over million each.

And finally, Nissan is shipping, all the way across the Pacific, one of its legendary R390 GT1 Le Mans racers from 1997.  Here’s your chance to live out your Gran Turismo garage fantasies.

The 2015 JCCS begins at 9:00 am on Saturday, September 19. More details can be found here. Also, be sure to stop by the JNC booth. We’ll have a very limited illustration by the great Jun Imai and an autograph session as well!

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15 Responses to JCCS Preview: Nissan is now an official JCCS sponsor

  1. Mister K says:

    Well, tickle my giblets and call me Butterball

  2. Josh says:

    The car above the 510 is not a 411 like is claimed in the caption. I saw the low mile 411 they’re showing on an eBay motors blog entry. Cool writeup though!

  3. JHMBB2 says:

    Good god, I cannot wait. Finally going this Saturday! Driving out tomorrow just for this show out of Colorado!! WOO-HOO!!

  4. Pete240z says:

    I went last year – this is the coolest show ever! Buying my tickets in advance was a great idea.

  5. alvin says:


  6. Bart says:

    Sadly, I will not be attending this year. Too much crap going on in my life, perhaps next year though…we’ll see.

  7. Pete240z says:

    My son lives in Irvine. Last year we went and got there early to watch the cars go into the park. This is a great time to get good pictures. I’m trying to convince him to go but getting a Grad student out of bed at 6am on a Saturday is not looking good.

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