JCCS Preview: JNC Shōnin decal


As you’re walking around at JCCS this weekend, look out for cars wearing the new JNC Shōnin decals. When used in conjunction with the classic JNC inkan, they represent the best of the breed, cars that have either served as JNC booth cars, cars that we have arranged for other companies, or cars that have been featured here on the JNC website.

We wanted to a way acknowledge the efforts of these owners and the kinship that these cars and their builders represent. This is our way of saying arigatou for being a part of the JNC family. These decals are not for sale, and can only be obtained via one of the methods above. See you Saturday!

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9 Responses to JCCS Preview: JNC Shōnin decal

  1. Mercilessmings says:

    I understand I don’t rate…..?

  2. Ken Takahashi says:

    See you there Ben!!!

  3. MikeRL411 says:

    Unclear posting! What is the meaning?

  4. Ken Robinson says:

    Nice. You guys should feature my car so I can get one of these awesome stickers!

  5. Ben says:

    Any chance someone attending JCCS will be able to get me a JCCS Matchbox Nissan Skyline??

  6. Adam Jones says:

    Gday Ben, Any chance of getting one of these for the Datsun 240K race car here in Australia?

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