JCCS 2011 Teaser: Loading In For The Day

Things got off to a bit of a wet start while we were setting up the booth, but about the time the spectator gates opened the rain stopped and all was well. More pics to follow in the coming days, so check back often…

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9 Responses to JCCS 2011 Teaser: Loading In For The Day

  1. David R. says:

    Four door skyline ftw! I can not wait to see the coverage for this year. God Bless America and the Rising Sun!

  2. thatsoon72 says:

    I rode in that car, its freakin fast. has a big turbo hiding under the intercooler.

  3. thatsoon72 says:

    i rode in that car! its freakin fast. big turbo hiding under the intercooler

  4. ylee says:

    It was a beautiful day towards the end. šŸ™‚ the GT-R’s and the 432z was very impressive.

  5. Dutch 1960 says:

    My first time going to the JCCS. Well organized, friendly people, great vibe. Not too big and crowded, but busy enough to have a lot of energy. I’m a Mazda guy, but those Hakosukas are magic in person. Unbelievably sexy cars, even though i could not get into the radical slamming of the two door one. The early Corolla Sprinters are cool cars, too. I had forgotten all about them.

  6. Thomas says:

    My personal favorite of the show was a red Mazda Rotary Truck – looked brand new – better than new, actually.

  7. RATMAZ says:

    Lets see sum photo’s already.

  8. Lincoln Stax says:

    Love the motorcycle. Looks like a CB750. Bumstop seat, flat handlebars and black Comstar wheels make it great late ’70s period cafe racer.

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