VIDEO: Motorcycle-powered hot rod Honda S600

Hot Rod Honda S600

Talk about a dream touge build. Back in 2007, my brother from the same mother Ben and I were freezing our arses off in a drafty Nagasaki apartment dreaming about insane Japanese hot rods that we wanted to build. None was nuttier than a Honda S-chassis with a liter-bike engine. Why? Because at the time decrepit S600 shells were plentiful and worth nothing on eBay, we believed in only same-marque engine swaps, and we wanted above all to keep the spirit of S600 in tact. Of course, the unholy trinity of funds, space and time (or lack thereof) prevented it from happening. Fortunately Matt Brown made no such lame excuses and did this exact thing. 

With the motor from a CBR1000RR, Brown mated its sequential shifter with a BMW motorcycle driveshaft and diff Frankenstein-ed with Miata half-shafts and hubs to replace the standard chain-driven trailing arms. What results is a 160hp (nearly triple the stock 57) music box that revs to a wailing 12,000 rpm. Oh, and there’s nitrous. We love the fact that Brown kept the mismatched panels, bondo and twisted grille to make it a true hot rod. Importantly, these touches were not artificially forced. There’s perhaps only one tiny detail we’d add: Honda wing logos on the fenders. Total cost of the project? About $5,000. If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s sit on your ass and let someone else build your dream car instead. No, wait, that’s not it at all.

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12 Responses to VIDEO: Motorcycle-powered hot rod Honda S600

  1. Randy says:

    Way cool!

  2. mister k says:

    cool but scary no way i’d canyon carve in it yikes

  3. Victor Ansari says:


  4. Kuroneko says:


  5. Seiko The Neko says:

    That looks too fun! There’s a Honda Z a few miles away from me for sale….I’m really tempted…

  6. Wayne Thomas says:

    In the UK and France, there already exists Suzuki Cappuccino with a Hayabusa engine. The swaps are a no brainer.

  7. Censport says:

    Just watched the video. You know, we’ve got a S600 roadster and a coupe in the basement. I wonder if the boss would notice if… nah.

  8. 79cord says:

    Remembered seeing the build for this some time ago.
    Glad to see it going, looking forward to seeing more about it, and his continued refinement of the car & hope I might be able to do something so ambitious one day. Love it…

  9. Kelly Doke says:

    Lee. Ho. Fook!!!! I want to build one! I’m not a Honda guy, but this thing is sofa king rad!!

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