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Whoa. What a night. I come home from a dinner where a lifelong buddy and his girl announced their engagement, and now I see JNC have made an announcement of their own. I’m not sure which one has made a bigger impact on me, haha.

But damn, this is huge news.

Because this is still very much a niche market, we’re starting out small. We’re aiming for one issue each quarter, and if things go well then perhaps we’ll make it monthly. We’re making substantial sacrifices, both personally and financially in this endeavor, but we think it’ll benefit the scene as a whole in the long run.”

Hell yeah.

Best of luck boys. You’ve got my subscription, that’s for sure!

Time for a grandJDM magazine, hahah. Damn, here I go keeping up with the Jones’s.

[via JNC]

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4 Responses to JapaneseNostalgicCar Announce Magazine

  1. two40 says:

    this is pretty hot. i’m broke but they will certainly see my credit card numbers.

  2. Kev says:

    Terrific news!

    Congratulations to Ben and friends at JNC for taking this awesome new direction 🙂

  3. ultraman019 says:

    Count me in!

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