Japanese Classic Car Show Registration Open

This is it, kyusha fans. Registration for the 2009 Japanese Classic Car Show is now open! This one’s a can’t-miss because it’s the fifth anniversary of the JCCS and it will be the biggest ever. If you haven’t done so already, mark your calendars for Saturday, October 3 and remind yourself to head down to Hidden Valley Park in Irvine, California for a day of the craziest nostalgics you can imagine. Whether you’re a Mazdafarian, Toyotaku, Datsun diehard, Mitsu-maniac or Honda-head, come represent your marque in full force. Spaces will be going fast, so register early!

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36 Responses to Japanese Classic Car Show Registration Open

  1. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) says:

    Saturday October 3rd!

  2. DIASISS says:

    I hardly saw ANY 80s cars in the vid…I guess Japanese cars in the 80s sucked and arent worthy of being in a car show!!! Everytime you see anything related to Japanese classic cars these cars in the vid are THE 1ST thing you see everywhere! Kinda like when they talk about Tuners all you here is 240sx or Skyline…ITS VERY STRANGE TO ME that nationwide i can go to carshows and see 60s,70s Japanese cars and go to Hot Import Nights and see riced out late 90s,2000s Japanese cars…but i have NEVER seen a Japanese carshow with a lot of 80s-early 90s classics such as a…supra,celica,mr2,cressida,300zx,280zx,200sx,s12,s110,starion/conquest tsi,90-93 3000gt,galant,diamante,legend,nsx,prelude,svx,rx7…and more…looks like a pretty BIG gap to me!!! AND DONT FORGET THAT THESE CARS ARE THE REASON THAT JAPAN IS FAMOUS IN THE FIRST PLACE,SO DO THEY NOT DESERVE JUST A LITTLE BIT OF RESPECT??? I think thats a VERY valid question,and i would like a NON-FANBOY opinion{an opinion from someone WITHOUT AN 86 COROLLA OR SKYLINE}… oh but what would i know???!!! Afterall i get called a fanboy for even thinking like that…GOD FORBID ANYONE THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!

  3. DIASISS says:

    dang i forgot Maxima! lol

  4. BlownArrow! says:

    woohoo….! 😀

  5. Jimbo says:

    I cannot wait! I will be bringing my black GSL-SE again. Assuming it is out of the shop. Been at my mechanic for six weeks now getting new suspension and brake bits.

  6. Jimbo says:

    Hi Diasiss,

    No worry – there will be plenty of 80’s classics like my 85 RX-7. For some reason they just don’t highlight them in the videos.

  7. DIASISS says:

    well THANK GOD!!!

  8. DIASISS says:

    i love FBs! i always wanted one…

  9. Nigel says:

    Cool 80’s cars to see, maybe 81′ Corolla, a Z10 Soarer or 83′ Celica or even Laurel C33 !!!

  10. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) says:

    My 810 is a ’79. So I think it’s safe to say mine is a “80’s classic”!

  11. Koich says:

    Good to see my car (though I don’t have it any more….)

  12. vballin says:

    There are plenty of 80s japanese cars in the 2008 show gallery. Maybe not in the vid, but definitely at the show.

  13. Jaime says:

    The reason you do not see japanese 80s cars at JCCS is because JCCS is for classic japanese cars. Pre 80 cars are classic japanese cars, while post 80 have not yet achieved the realm of classic cars.
    Part of the reason is that there is a difference between the pre 80 japanese cars and post 80’s. Pre 80s have metal bumpers, most are FWD and do not use plastic parts on the body. Post 80s have lots of plastic/foam parts like bumpers, trim, and many ( the economy models and even luxury models ) are FWD, a sign of the period after 1980.
    My 1200 pick up, or my Datsun 710 ( 70s cars ) have very little in common with 85 cars.
    I do not think it is done with any bad intentions ( classifying pre 1980 cars as classic, while post 80s are not included.), it is just a difference in body, styles and engine configurations.
    I think years later, we will see a special classification for the era of FWD cars, which is comming to an end. Cars from the 80s til’ present all belong in the same category.

  14. Jaime says:


    this parragraph should had read “RWD” as in:

    “””Part of the reason is that there is a difference between the pre 80 japanese cars and post 80’s. Pre 80s have metal bumpers, most are RWD and do not use plastic parts on the body”””

  15. Jaime says:

    About JCCS. I have a question. Will it happen at the same location?

    The issue with dust is major concern. Detailing a car only to see it go south under a dust bath is not the best of ways in which to show a car.

    Hopefully another location has been selected, or at least, a different entrance to the yard will be used. I am not sure about attending if last years’ location, or last year’s entrance/exit gates ( if keeping last year’s location ) are to be used again.

    Another concern I have is the display of brands. I love all japanese cars, in fact, I like all cars. This event being a japanese car event, should address all brands equally. I understand some brands have more vehicles on display, but I noticed that Datsuns were strewn all over with out any plan nor consideration, while other brands kept and exhibited an orderly display.

    Some professional organization has to be implemented. I appreciate the excellent job done by the organizers, seems that all it needs is a final effort through that extra mile that sets apart ok car shows from the excellent.


  16. Ben says:

    The location is the same as last year. From what I’ve heard through the grapevine the organizers are aware of entrance/exit situation and are working on another location for future shows. The problem is finding one that is convenient, large enough, friendly to a car show (many property owners are not), and at a reasonable price to rent. If you have any places in mind I’m sure they’d love to hear about it!

    Also, I wouldn’t say the Datsuns were strewn about randomly. If anything, they were more spread out because of the sheer number. Datsuns outnumber the Toyotas, Mazdas, etc.

    I personally think they put on an excellent and professional show, and have done tremendous good for the cars we love. It’s not an easy undertaking to put on a show of this size, and the staff is all volunteer! If it weren’t for JCCS there would be no show at all, and I’m thankful that they keep it accessible and affordable for everyone.

  17. mark says:

    Love this show & the venue. Im hoping Koji will let us roll in the vendor gate [all grass] this year. SWDP will be there in force once again.

  18. slickwrick says:


    no plastic here man!
    just plain ol Japanese tin!!
    after all the show is pre 86 cars aint it?!

    p.s. to every mitsu maniac!!!

    might take the colt out to get some air that day.
    well see! maybe just in the parking lot or maybe the show.
    but will def be there!

  19. DIASISS says:


  20. Moisabamf says:

    at 29 second the best part of the video happens(my car lol)

  21. slickwrick says:

    that gives you somethin to think about huh?


    get jassics to throw a show like that!

    that would be sweet!

  22. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) says:

    I will have to agree that the location was pretty cool and spacious! I enjoyed it there! The Queen Mary location is great and scenic (and pretty close by where I live) but it obviously cannot sustain the amount of cars that were at JCCS last year. As mentioned it takes considerable amount of work to organize such a great event… the people that chime in and complain should be grateful such an event even exists! Maybe you should volunteer to spray the dust down with a hose or offer to plant some grass?? haha… I kid, I kid!

    Point is it’s hard to please everyone. Someone wants the event closer, someone doesn’t like the dust, someone doesn’t agree with this and that, etc. Let’s find a common ground (our cars) and appreciate the people who put this event together and commend them for a great job! The pros outweigh the cons here.

    MOISES! Congrats on getting some air time in that vid! Haha…

  23. Jimbo says:


    Its cool that you have a 70’s vintage truck, but I don’t agree that 80’s cars cannot be deemed “classic”. Reminds me of the traditional view that only American and European cars are classics. I love the 80s Starions, Supras, etc. I used to be into 60’s American cars, and owned some 60’s Cadillacs and a Camaro. This was in the 80’s. Back then people thought they were nothing but “used cars” and were not deemed old enough to be collectible. Now of course many of the 60s cars are priced beyond the average guy’s budget. The 80s Japanese cars are disappearing and need to be treasured and appreciated now before it it too late and they are scrapped because they are not “classics”.

    Ben: I loved the site of the last JCCS. I have a black car which obviously showed the dust, but it was no big deal. Just bring some micro-fiber clothes, quick detail, or a dust brush.

  24. toyotageek says:

    zeto – Well put. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    People don’t realize the difficulty and complexity that goes into putting on a show like this. Just remember that JCCS is THE show of shows (*cough* what happened to Motoring J-Style this year? *cough*). Props go to the organizers T&K for all their hard work & effort.

    And for those that want to see more 80’s and 90’s, it ain’t that these cars don’t get no respect – it just that THOSE cars are not what THIS show is all about. Like it says on the registration page, it’s for Pre-85 vehicles. So be it. Maybe it’s time someone start organizing a show for 80’s and 90’s J-tin. Can you imagine the size this show could reach if it encompassed newer cars? They’re about maxed out as it is now, so give ’em a break and enjoy the show for what it is.

    In my book JCCS rocks. Rain, shine, dust, whatever…stuff happens – lets enjoy the cars.

  25. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) says:


  26. Phil says:

    That video is probably one of the best I’ve seen, the mintest J-tin ever. Someday I’m guna have to make a trip to America and visiting this show is going to be a big part of it.

  27. Jaime says:


    I do not think post 80s cars are not classic. Anything that is relatively older and has follwing is classic.
    My point is that after 1980, there is a clear direction automakers took. Cars begun using different materials body wise ( bumpers made of plastic, with foam inside, different trim, reain gutters became obsolete and so forth )
    Engine wise beginning with economy cars, later on moving onto luxury vehicles as well, the japanese industry begun using FWD configurations. That made bodies shorter nosewise, and broght in other changes .
    Interior wise different layouts for dashes appear as common denominator. My opinion is that vehicles made after 1980 have followed a path that is still followed today. Post 80 cars have a lot in common with today’s cars.
    By industry standards, pre 1980 vehicles are different. ^0s and 70s japanese cars are similar in technology. 80s , 90s and todays cars have more in common amongts themselves.

    About the dust issue, I voiced my opinion, each person has a particular opinion. I do not like that dust bowl entrance to the lot. If it does not bother others, good for you.
    I liked the Long Beach location a lot better. Fact is, it proved to be too small after a couple years. The new venue is nice, but that entrance is terrible. Those that like it like it is, enjoy it. Constructive criticism is what it is. Take it or leave it.

    About volunteering, I do volunteering work every Sunday, I have done it for the past 6 years, I am no stranger to the issue of volunteering.

  28. slickwrick says:

    werd up toyotageek!!!!!!

    what did happen to motoring J-style?

    exactamundo toyotageek!!!!

    pre85(i thought pre86 for sum damn reason)

  29. slickwrick says:

    oh yea
    and godbless whoever had the whole JCCS idea!!!

    and also the dudes at JNC!!!!

    much love for yall!!!

  30. Jaime says:


    You said: “People don’t realize the difficulty and complexity that goes into putting on a show like this. Just remember that JCCS is THE show of shows (*cough* what happened to Motoring J-Style this year? *cough*). Props go to the organizers T&K for all their hard work & effort”.

    That was not the point of my criticism. I understand and appreciate the effort in materializing a car show like this one. I am talking about the entrance/exit road to the venue itself. Those are two different aspects of the same car show. Criticizing a low point in an event is not a bad thing nor it means that I am not appreciating the effort involved. There is always place for improvement. Constructive criticism is called feedback, and that helps organizers of any event learn what is that the public sees as wrong.
    In specific, I am talking about the entrance to the lot, which is a terrible entrance. Seems like the idea here is shut down any criticism. Doing that instead of looking for a solution, or exchange ideas about how to overcome the problem will not take care of the problem. Some , it appears, think that nobody should dare offer any feedback nor any opinions about problems with the event itself, because instead of criticizing, we should be thankfull there is an event. Well, I do not agree with that premisse. One thing has nothing to do with the other, an individual can appreciate the organization and the effort displayed, and at the same time, like any inteligent adult, that individual can point at the problem( s ) exhibited.
    Yes, I appreciate the effort in materializing this show, but I do not find the entrance appropriate for vehicles that are coming to this show, these are 2 separate issues.
    I hope it does not rain on the show day. Then it will be too late to do anything about it. Then people will begin to think about the issue, but it will be too late.
    You can be proactive, or reactive. I will leave it to the organizers, after all , it is their responsability.

  31. Toyotageek says:

    Jaime –

    Sorry if I opened up a can of worms. My comments weren’t directed at you specifical, but at criticisms in general. I guess some of the comments that were left here just hit a nerve with me, so I spoke up. Constructive criticism and new ideas and suggestions are always welcome. However, over the years I’ve heard too many criticisms first hand from people that get PO’d if an organizer does’t take the criticism and do something with it. “The voting was rigged” “I didn’t win an award” “It was too dusty” “They didn’t let me leave early” “The food sucked” You get the idea…

    Like many people here, I’ve known the organizers since they were just selling goods at various shows some ten years ago. I’ve also been a part of Toyotafest for many years and I firsthand know what is involved in organizing a show and making the best of whats availalbe. Many factors have to be considered, and one of the major issues is always funding. It’s hard to have a show in the ideal location, when you can’t afford it. Once a location is set, it’s time to make the most of it and hopefully do a good job of making the show happen without any hitches – not always easy. Being a part of many shows, it’s always a bummer to hear ‘critical’ criticisms from people that have no idea what it took to pull of the show. However, we learn from our experiences and try to improve upon them.

    In regards to the venue and the conditions at Hidden Valley, the organizers were well aware of the dust issue and problems with the entry immediately after the show. However, (at the time) they were also already locked into having the show there the following year (2009). Some of these things will hopefully be addressed but in many ways are out of the hands for them to control.

    So, I can accept your criticism of the conditions (the dust, and the entry), but please don’t ‘not attend’ just because of that. Heck, I disagree with a lot of things about JCCS and
    Tfest too – a lot of things I would do different, but I’m not running the show, so I accept what is offered, and I still come back year after year. Finally I might suggest that if people have suggestions, they should get in touch with the organizers directly and let them know their concerns.

    Anyways, hope to see you at at JCCS.

  32. Jaime says:

    Hi ToyotaGeek.

    Thanks for your reply. I have no issues with you at personal level, and no quarrel whatsoever.
    No worries about a can of worms. We are here to talk cars and exhange points of view. Unlike others, I am not here to react at or to walk around bushes, I am here to find cool inteligent people that like to interact in this issue of cars we like so much.
    I hear your point, and it seems you got mine too, so we are on the same page. Let’s root for a nice car show and hope feedback is getting to the right places.
    Take care.


  33. Toyotageek says:

    Well said Jaime.
    Always good to have a level headed discussion or even a debate with someone, especially online and without resorting to name calling or flame-wars. 😉 I’m sure with the growing interest in old J-tin, JCCS will continue to evolve and we will more than likely see more shows like it in the future.

  34. DIASISS says:

    lol,we need one on the east coast…i say Florida!

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