Japanese car displays from the Post War Miracle Years

Toyota Corolla 1966 b

Auto displays are like a magical time travel device. Not only do you get to see cars of the era, but also its prevailing fashion, colors and architecture. Like the old Tokyo street scenes we showed you a few months ago, here are some JNCs in their natural environment.

Flying Feather 1954

Flying Feather (1954), author unknown.

Nissan 1970 Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan display, Tokyo Motor Show (1969) by Alan T.

Nissan Fairlady 240ZG Ginza Gallery 1971

Fairlady 240ZG, Nissan Ginza Gallery (1971), author unknown.

Cony 360 Wide Van AF11 1966

Cony 360 Wide Van (1966), author unknown.

Toyota Corolla 1966

Toyota Corolla, Tokyo Motor Show (1966), author unknown.

Toyota Sports 800

Toyota Sports 800 (1966), author unknown.

Toyota Tokyo Motor Show 1965

Toyota display, Tokyo Motor Show (1965), postcard image.

Toyota Tokyo Motor Show 1969

Toyota display, Tokyo Motor Show (1969), author unknown.

Tokyo Motor Show 1969

Toyota display, Tokyo Motor Show (1969) by Alden Jewell.

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6 Responses to Japanese car displays from the Post War Miracle Years

  1. mister k says:

    they can’t invent a time machine soon enough for me

  2. Matt says:

    Big Surpise @ ’71 Tokyo Motor Show

    Crowd murmurs: “Hmm, looks awful familiar”

  3. Negishi no Kebajo says:

    I grew up in Yokohama in the sixties & remember my parents taking me to the Tokyo Auto Show in our mid sixties Nissan Cedric. My mom had a Toyopet. i was fascinated more by design back then as the driving age was a very distant 18. Wrenching came suddenly when I moved to the US when I was enrolled in Driver’s Ed at 15! My first “Japan Export Model” was a mid 70’s Chevy LUV manufactured by Isuzu (early model with the quad headlights). Anyway, my Okaasan has passed away but your pictures brought many fond memories. Thank you very much…

    I don’ t know if anyone can solve a mystery I have had to this day. On the school bus ride, i saw on a number of occasions, unfinished body shells for what I can best recall as Ford Panteras loaded on trucks. Did one of the manufacturers do this contract work?

  4. Matt says:

    1970 Tokyo Motor Show!

  5. Jesse says:

    I have a Cony wide van. 1967. Brought to America after it was used in 1997 in the movie Red Corner with richard Gere. Still has the same yellow taxi color from the movie with some advertisement painting on it from an amusement facility. It still runs and looks great.. Ask for pics and I will send them. Its amazing to have such a machine to have

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