Japan’s postal service celebrates 50 years of the Skyline GT-R with a commemorative stamp set

On Monday Japan’s postal service released a set of commemorative stamps honoring the Nissan Skyline GT-R’s 50th anniversary. Technically, the 50th anniversary took place almost exactly one year ago, but better late than never, no? Of course, with this being a Japan Post commemorative set, it doesn’t end with just stamps.

The set comes with a sheet of ten ¥63 (USD $0.57) stamps, one for each generation, plus sedan and two-door versions of the Hakosuka, original and facelifted versions of the R35, and portraits of the S20 and RB26 engines themselves. As with other Japan Post sets, it comes in a beautiful box depicting all six generations of the GT-R, from PGC10 to R35.

The Hakosuka GT-R gets special treatment, and the reason for that can be seen in a little window in the box. Peek inside and you’ll see a 1:64 scale model of a Hakosuka Skyline GT-R, in silver. Though the sedan predates it, the hardtop coupe is the most iconic iteration of the classic Skyline GT-R introduced in the fall of 1970, so it could be said that this set celebrates the 50th anniversary of this particular body style.

The set follows on the heels of many other Japan Post sets, including those honoring the Toyota 2000GT, Nissan Fairlady Z, Mazda RX-7, and Mazda Roaster/Miata. It’s available at 950 participating post offices in Kanagawa and Yamanashi prefectures and 45 more across Japan. The retail cost is ¥4,600 (USD $42), but you’d better act fast. It’s limited to just 5,000 units.

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2 Responses to Japan’s postal service celebrates 50 years of the Skyline GT-R with a commemorative stamp set

  1. LB1 says:

    Yeah! My two most favorite GT-Rs are in the forefront.

  2. MikeRL411 says:

    Looks like I will be one month too late in March.

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