Japan Post celebrates 40th anniversary of Mazda RX-7 with exclusive rotary goods

Japan’s post offices have unleashed a slew of Mazda RX-7 themed merch to mark the 40th anniversary of the iconic Hiroshima sports car. The goods celebrate all three generations of the RX-7, as well as the rotary engine. The only problem, other than the fact that they are available only in Japan, is that they’re shockingly expensive. 

For example, a set of tapestries depicting SA22, FC3S, and FD3S generations of the RX-7 are ¥10,000 (approx. $90 USD) each. Sure, they measure 160cm tall and 93cm wide (5.25 by 3 feet), and are said to be in 1:1 scale to the actual cars, but the set of three will set you back about $300. Or, there’s a trio of collectible pins that retails for ¥7,700 (approx. $70 USD).

There’s a set of three aluminum business card cases, each printed with a rear section of the SA22, FC3S and FD3S. The cases come in Mach Green, Crystal White, and and Vintage Red, respectively, and cost ¥12,800 (approx. $115 USD) per.

Then there’s the 1:6 scale model of the 12A engine and transmission from the SA22 RX-7. It even has a scale rotor that sits outside, which is kind of a cool touch. It comes with a nice wooden display stand and acrylic cover. The price? ¥128,000 (approx. $1,150 USD). Only 70 will be made, and each one will come with a serial numbered plaque.

For the rotorhead that hasn’t spent all their money on their car, there’s a decorative plaque depicting three generations of RX-7 — embedded with a rotary engine crest made of real gold. It comes from renowned jewelers Ginza Tanaka, which back in 2010 made a replica of a Tomica Nissan Fairlady Z432 in pure platinum worth $80,000. The plaque, too, is limited to 70 serial-numbered units, and costs a cool ¥400,000 (approx. $3,600 USD).

For plates you can actually use, there’s a set of mino-yaki plates shaped like rotors and rotor housings. Naturally, the rotors are made to scale and fit inside the housings. These will set you back ¥6,500 (approx. $59 USD).

About the only thing you can’t find are actual postage stamps, which seems a bit odd. Back when the Mazda Roadster turned 25, Japan Post released a set of postage stamps and a diecast car. Japan Post has also issued other stamp sets commemorating iconic cars like the Toyota 2000GT and Nissan Skyline. Oh well, it’s not like anyone used them anyway.

Images: Japan Post

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