Shaking Toyota Land Cruiser demonstrates force of 7.5M earthquake

Rescue and relief efforts are still under way in Japan after a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck Japan on New Year’s Day. Demonstrating the force of the tremor, an eyewitness video shows a parked Toyota Land Cruiser being rocked on its suspension. The short video clip shows the J80-generation’s body suddenly being thrown side to side, articulating its double solid axles as if it’s traversing a rock-strewn trail. Except, of course, the SUV is completely stationary.

The buildings around the Land Cruiser also show remarkable flexibility as walls oscillate. Other clips in the montage include a building moving several inches away from the curb, structures at a shrine falling, and even the 48-story Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building swaying back and forth. Japan is better prepared than most countries when it comes to earthquake-resistant buildings, but many structures did still collapse and search crews are still trying to free trapped victims. If you would like to donate to relief efforts, consider doing so at Global Giving.

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