J-Tin on the New Price is Right

America’s longest-running T.V. game show “The New Price is Right” got its start in 1972 and is still on the air today. Many of the old episodes are available for viewing free of charge on the interwebs. What interests us especially are some of the J-tin prize offerings on the show. Here are a couple video stills:

First item up for bid is a Honda Civic, which looks to be ’73:
Incidentally, the model has apparently lost control of the car at this point.

Next item up for bid is a Mazda 808, looking like a ’72 model with small bumpers:
mazda808_priceisrightApparently, Mazda’s early advertising budget didn’t allow for the RX3 version, but who knows?

These J-tin prizes were spotted by viewing just a few episodes. Who knows how many more gems that sharp-eyed JNCers will be able to find in other episodes or even different vintage game shows?

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3 Responses to J-Tin on the New Price is Right

  1. Ben says:

    Awesome, that beats the hell out of a dinette set!

  2. nlpnt says:

    Sometime in the past decade CBS *RE-RAN* an early episode where one of the prizes was a Honda N800.

  3. qdseeker says:

    Does the front tire on that Honda look flat to you guys? Lolol.

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