TUNE UP: J Cole’s “Fire Squad” video features the sweet sound of AE86s revving and drifting

Rapper J Cole’s triple-platinum album 2014 Forest Hills Drive came out six years ago, but a previously unseen music video for the track “Fire Squad” was just released. It prominently features a pair of drifting Toyota AE86 coupes sending up roostertails, and their high-revving 4A-GE motors can be heard throughout the video. Cole himself rides in one of them, caged and stripped of most of its interior trim.

The cars aren’t mentioned in the lyrics at all, and it’s not clear what prompted their inclusion. Cole is a known Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan, and even thanked him on one of his albums prior to the two of them ever meeting. The footage was shot in Kingston, Jamaica, so the cars probably belong to local fans. In any case, they’re preferable to the ostentatious wealth signals that populate most music videos.

Thanks to Danny M. for the heads up!

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