It’s Election Day and you should be voting instead of reading JNC

If you’ve spent an extended amount of time in Japan you’ve probably come across a gaisensha. Translated as “sound car” or “propaganda car,” they’re basically cars and vans mounted with gigantic loudspeakers. They drive at walking speeds and loudly blast their political messages constantly to anyone within earshot. It’s super annoying, and how they manage to sway a single voter is unclear. Anyway, today is Election Day in the USA, and we should consider ourselves lucky to a.) not have gaisensha prowling our streets all the time and b.) live in a country where we can exercise our right to vote. So go forth and do so, instead of reading JNC. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow.

Image: National Police Agency

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  1. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    Ridiculously LOUD! The cops will let them come to stop at a light, & they’ll walk up with a deciblemeter on a stick. Too loud? Pull over… What I don’t get is sometimes you’ll see them blaring nationalistic war songs. The lead car of the convoy? A Hummer.

  2. MWC says:

    Crazy times indeed. As a Canadian, I can say we’re up here watching the election, hoping for the best.

  3. harshith says:

    hi what is the picture above is ?

  4. Tim Mings says:

    Remember kids: If you’re “ridin with biden” you’ll soon be ridin the bus, as the lefts mission is to get rid of fossil fuels and make our beloved JDM lifestyle a thing oif the past…….. reduced to video games, and comic books…….

    • Negishi no Keibajo says:

      Actually, I would love a burgeoning industry of EV chassis conversions. I would love my AZ-1 on juice.

    • Negishi no Keibajo says:

      Even Detroit gets it. Chevy with their E Crate motor that swaps into a SBC mount looks awesome. A ’77 K5 Blazer with the e-crate package;

    • Tom Westmacott says:

      There’s only so much oil to dig out of the ground, and only so much CO2 we can put into the atmosphere before it starts to cause problems.

      The sooner we get new cars over to carbon-neutral fuels, the more opportunity we leave for the continued enjoyment and preservation of our glorious smelly old machines.

    • F31roger says:

      As much as I love my RB25det.. I know sooner or later, the finite source will run out.

      What people don’t understand, I love the F31 chassis and I don’t really need the power.

      I would love to have the F31 chassis with Tesla motor or even a hybrid.

    • Michael K. says:

      I’d rather be Ridin’ with Biden than cruisin’ with the world’s biggest crybaby COVID spreader who throws a fit every time he’s losin’.

      • Conservative car guy says:

        If COVID was really such a threat why was it acceptable to ignore it during the so-called peaceful protests AKA riots?
        But when it’s convenient, closing churches and limiting the number of poll observers in BLUE cities, it is pulled out as an excuse/weapon.
        Disingenuous argument.

    • Chet Manley says:

      Only one of the presidential candidates has been record doing a video in his C2 Corvette. Although its a boomer car, its a lot cooler than saying POWs aren’t heroes.

      • Chet Manley says:

        *Only one of the presidential candidates has been recorded on video doing a burnout in his C2 Corvette. Although its a boomer car, its a lot cooler than saying POWs aren’t heroes.

    • Scotty G says:

      I’m unbelievably surprised and even more disappointed in that statement. I never expected to hear anything like that from the famous Tim Mings. Man, talk about shattered idols. 2020 sucks and this just adds to the suckola of this #$% year. It’s maybe the most ridiculous thing that I have ever read and it’s sad to see it coming from such a famous JNC guy.

      I guess I shouldn’t have assumed that all of us were on the same page so that’s my fault. It just shows the depths of fake news and how sad it is that it’s ruining our world and dividing us so much. Get rid of fossil fuels? Right after they take all of our guns, you mean? They’ve been saying that for decades and that hasn’t even remotely happened yet but that’s another absolutely false narrative talking point that gets thrown out every. single. time. a Democrat is elected to the presidency. Wow, I seriously didn’t think that this year could get any worse but it just did.

    • Conservative car guy says:

      You all need to realize those who voted for Biden was really voting for Harris. Also, haven’t you heard of free choice? If you want to go electric, go ahead. But don’t force that down the throat of those who don’t. Same goes for taxes to solve every problem under the sun. Go ahead, open up your wallet. No one is stopping you. Free choice. The left feel they know what is good for society and are enacting laws to control our behaviors. Now they are using fraud to control the outcome of the election. They did this in CA and it worked (one party state) and now are implementing it across the country. Freedom of choice and following the law…. that’s all conservatives want.

  5. j_c says:

    Reminds me of the campaign cars in Back to the Future.
    “Re-elect mayor Wilson. Progress is his middle name.”

  6. cesariojpn says:

    Fun fact: Blue Light Bars like on that Nissan Safari in Japan is akin to Yellow Light Bars in the US. The Red Light Bars however, are your standard Emergency Lights. Never understood how the Right Wingers in Japan can get away with them for private use……

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