Is Your JNC Sticker Real?

Look what we spotted on our Facebook page – someone tagged JNC in a pic of a car sporting a fake series 1 JNC sticker!  The picture hails from Indonesia, so we don’t have any solid info on the counterfeit piece but the most popular theory here at JNC is that an underground Indonesian crime syndicate is making millions by printing and selling these phony stickers to unsuspecting nostalgic enthusiasts in dark alleys and abandoned garages.

If you think a friend or family member might have fallen victim to Fake Sticker Syndrome (FSS), send a picture of the suspected sticker to feedback(at)japanesenostalgiccar(dot)com and our team of experts will pour over every detail, and notify you of the diagnosis.  If the worst case scenario turns out to be true, seek help immediately.  With proper treatment (available here) even the most severe cases are curable.

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57 Responses to Is Your JNC Sticker Real?

  1. vballin says:

    Wow, I was gonna say that maybe it’s cause series 1 is out of production, but that is such a poor reproduction, it’s not like they are trying to fool anyone. Interesting indeed…

  2. hondafan says:

    cmon, how cheap can you get? stickers are only $1.99!

  3. crowninit says:

    maybe they just love JNC… without any purpose to sale it or in unintentionaly sell it . or maybe the real JNC sticker are expensive if the price convert to indonesian curency..

    i have an idea…. JNC give someone in indonesia an aouthority or lisence to producting all about JNC souvenir, under control of your management to avoid this problem…. (sorry…. just my idea)

    im sure they will buy the real JNC

  4. red rolla says:

    crewet!!! hajingan!!!! sak karepe sing meh gawe sticker to…
    nyocot wae

  5. it’s mean JNC is famous around the world until Indonesia ~_^
    and did you know Indonesia have a lot of Japanese Retro Car (Japanese Nostalgic Car) right now,..and it’s happening now

  6. crowninit says:

    maybe they just love JNC… without any purpose to sale it or in unintentionaly sell it . or maybe the real JNC sticker are expensive if the price convert to indonesian curency..

    i have an idea…. JNC give someone in indonesia an aouthority or lisence to producting all about JNC souvenir, under control of your management to avoid this problem…. (sorry…. just my idea)

    im sure they will buy the real JNC

  7. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  8. E-AT_me says:

    i believe Rota is the maker.

  9. Benson says:

    Its quite funny that people would spend time to make a fake sticker when it only costs $2.

  10. bert says:

    Frikin crap!!!! I’m tired of it! Let me at em, I’ll tear em apart!! I’m gonna stick em to the wall with their fake scoth tape stickers! I’m gonna, gonn…..wait, what happened, I kinda blacked out for a second….

  11. mister k says:

    when you guys from indonesia come out with version 2 of the jnc sticker please post the ad on jnc forum

  12. Ray says:

    hmmm, must obtain version 2 now.

  13. TommyJ says:

    This is even funnier than the fake TEIN coilovers.

  14. Mohammed sunroof says:

    Indonesia love JNC… you know about that?

  15. Tony D says:

    Only $2? That’s what you sell them for, what it costs to make them is a different story altogether. And in Indonesia/Malaysia this stuff is dirt cheap. Perhaps a world traveller unwittingly and unknowingly gave a sticker to a friend there, and the rest snowballed since he’s been travelling so much he can’t get back to get more. Indonesians are very resourceful when it comes to these things…
    I promise, I only gave away five stickers while in Balongan and Jakarta.
    And five more in Johor Bahru…

    Don’t blame me, it was with the best intentions of international cooperation. What they did with them afterwards is out of my control!

  16. Ben says:

    Dan, I WANT a fake one. Where can I get one?

  17. Dan says:

    I messaged the guy to see if he’d send a few our way, haha

  18. @ Dan : no, i just made only one sticker & put it on my car
    what do you need it for buddy?

  19. BLACKEXCEL says:

    thats what you get when you upload hi res images…
    i agree with Mr Camouflage “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”
    + you get a free promotion, you get 1 sticker more famous in Indonesia 😀

  20. boim says:

    pira oge stiker atuh mani ribut wewelek…!!! indonesia mah jago bikin palsu, bila perlu mobilna palsukeun..

  21. charko says:

    oh cmon.. it just a sticker you know..
    $2 for tiny little small sticker plus shipping to Indonesia, it could be more expensive for 1 sticker only!
    i think JNC must provide the guy from Indonesia, so that he can sell the original JNC sticker.


  22. Freddy! says:

    Rota-fied stickers with Seibon people dont know how to spend their $$..How much money did it take to make the stickers..then the gas to get an estimate and get them done..ridiculous…Sucks to those tahat fell for them and gave paid with thier hard-earned cash..the “real deal” stickers look better anyways!
    JNC–you know your doing something right when their copying and stealing your great products!!

  23. tony_silvre says:

    oh please man!!!!….this is just a sticker, he has made thats sticker because he loves japs retro, man!!!!! i live in Indonesia, and i know there is no sticker like that in here……..because of this situation, he should make thats sticker by himself. and offcourse, the cost is more cheapper than the original one from japan. but, he just produced only one sticker like that for his car only……… that clear sir????

  24. Dan says:

    Just want to make something clear since the comments seem to be getting a little heated. JNC’s official stance is he can make his own stickers if he wants, we’re cool with it.

    @Iswahyudi – we just want a few because we think it’s cool that someone made a replica JNC sticker! I can send you some real ones if you send me some fake ones =D

  25. senggol_bacok says:

    @all : sorry i can speak english well…….. so translate it on google translate………

    orang indonesia itu kreatif boss . ga matre . bisa bikin sesuatu yang bagus dengan biaya produksi yang murah…………….. buat apa bayar mahal2 cuma buat beli stiker kecil kayak gitu…… kalo emang mau , nanti aku bikinin deh………………!!!

    @kang idhuy : nyante wae gan,,,,,kita dibelakang mu……………!!!!!!!! senggol_bacok,,sibiru siap menggila………….hahahhaha………………. [tyo]

    @red rolla : pancen podo kakehan cangkem wong kono………. geger undangke gali kebonharjo kan bubar kabeh kono……….hahahaha…………………

  26. mister k says:

    fyi, these stickers are NOT from japan. they are from socal.

  27. Dan says:

    yes, good point mr k =D

  28. BLACKEXCEL says:

    $2… do you know how much that worth in Indonesia? you can buy your friend lunch like this!
    maybe its not much for you guys, but for Indonesian?

    $2 for a real sticker? exclude shipment, custom etc… I’ll go with the fake one!

  29. @ Dan : maybe someday i’ll send you some fake one, but you must promise for send me some real to. Can i get your shipping address, bro,…….. (and if you don’t mind, can i get JNC magazine to =D)

    @ all of you wherever in Indonesia : thank’s for your support bro,….
    “whether it’s fake or real, more importantly we love JNC nonetheless”

  30. boim says:

    that’s wise…, or if you want to print the real?? you order her, cause in indonesia is very cheat or low price than your country…

  31. mayindra says:

    it’s just a sticker, but we have to respect to the intellectual rights.

  32. RianTT says:

    Finally, hey you japanesse, must understand it clearly… the fake or not is really damn not so important, the important thing, we drive your “made in japan” car even the car doesn’t look worthy at all… and its better in the dump waste area to destroy…

  33. angradicalicious says:

    allright Dan… about you give him a license to produce your JNC promotion material so he can help you to sell your promo tools in Indonesia?? that fair enough i think 😀

  34. Louis says:

    I find these replies to be very humorous. Someone in Indonesia would rather spend a couple of hours duplicating a sticker in a computer, getting it printed on sticky vinyl and put on his car rather than spending two dollars (the equivalent of a fried chicken lunch). That same person vows that only one was made for his car only. Then a bunch of his friends, who are Indonesian, chimes in to defend him. Is there something suspicious about this story?

    I see the truth. The guy likes JNC and the look of the sticker. He makes a bunch and gives it out to his friends and sells a few at street/car accessory vendors. He might cover his costs and have a little extra spending money. Everyone is happy with their little red sticker on their J-tin car.

    So, JNC loses a few dollars here and there, but they are willing to be generous about it and take it in a lighthearted manner. Dan is even willing to send some real ones to the counterfeiters. This is a win-win for all. No one is really hurt.

    What we can conclude is the Japanese Nostalgic is growing and we can all be proud of having any sticker, real or fake on our cars.

  35. Sarcasmo says:

    They look the same to me… anyways, biting someone’s product is uncool. Down with the imitators!! 🙂

  36. Sarcasmo says:

    Now, THAT is one case where imports AREN’T always better. LOL 😀

  37. @ Louis : why you can say “He makes a bunch and gives it out to his friends and sells a few at street/car accessory vendors”

    how do you know if the ‘JNC Fake Sticker maker’ produce a lot of JNC’s sticker and sells in accessory vendors??

  38. Louis says:

    Mr. Hanafiah,
    People are not stupid, even in Southern California or Japan (although no one identified themselves as from Japan in this posting yet).

    Here are the reasons why I think you produced a lot of stickers and are selling them:

    1) You spend a few hours on the computer, get the red ink, go to the printer, cut the vinyl for ONE sticker to use for yourself? That is not good business or intelligence. You most likely made many.

    2) Your friend, BLACKEXCEL gives us reason to believe that it is OK for people wanting to save money to buy a fake one because $2 USD is too much. That means there’s a market for these fake stickers.

    3) In your email reply to Dan, you identify yourself to being the person copying the JNC sticker and then ASKING him for a free magazine. This implies that you are a very opportunistic person. This personality trait indicates a lack of morals or shame.

    4) You mention that you might send some fake ones to Dan, that means you have some fake extra stickers already.

    IF IT SMELLS LIKE A RAT, IT IS A RAT. You sir, are a RAT.

  39. BLACKEXCEL says:

    Mr. louis,
    yes people are not stupid, but people lost their conscience, $2 for a sticker? excl shipment?

    here’s the reason why:

    1. he’s not spending hours on the computer, why? because JNC already provide the artwork, he only made 1, because if he wanted to sell it, he have to print it in a big printing company. printing on home use printer, defenitely not good for business or intelligence

    2. yes i’m his friend, yes i’d rather buy the FAKE ones, because yes to its to expensive, and guess what? there are no real one here. buy it online? tell me do JNC accept asian credit cards? yes there are market for fake sticker even in your place.

    3/4. I think your too judgemental, like you said “there’s a market for these fake stickers” that means Mr. Hanafiah is not the only one making fake and thats true! i think what he means is if he find it on the street he would buy and send it to Dan

    “IF IT SMELLS LIKE A RAT, IT IS A RAT. You sir, are a RAT”
    i dont need to comment on that i know the quality of people base on their writings 🙂

    if they keep accuse you producing and selling fake sticker, i think you should give it a thought about it 😀


  40. 240ZZZ says:

    “Captain, the planet’s been drained of all it’s resources. Scans indicate a familiar warp signature in the area. Just as I thought, the Ferengi came and took everything.”

    “Red Alert, Lieutenant, Let’s get those little buggers…”

    “Aye, Sir…”

    “Number One, Engage…”

  41. Dan says:

    Okay a few things:
    1 – JNC certainly did NOT provide the artwork for the reproduction of the sticker. It is NOT sanctioned by JNC in any way. The reason why I’m not shitting a brick about it is because, quite frankly, there’s nothing we can do about it.

    2 – If the people buying the fake stickers are not willing to pay $2 for a real one, they are definitely not going to pay $30 to subscribe to a magazine, no matter how high the quality is. To say “I support JNC” while proudly displaying a fake JNC sticker is a joke. You may support classic Japanese cars, but you definitely are not supporting us.

    3 – I’ve received a few emails confirming the existence of various sizes/colors of the fake JNC sticker, so someone is definitely reproducing them in large quantities.

    4 – Lots of people put knockoff wheels on their cars. While a lot of people disagree with this, the cost factor is at the very least understandable. At $2 a sticker, how much could be saved by buying a replica? Postage for a single sticker internationally is $1.24. Add in the cost of the bend-proof envelopes we use to ship the stickers, the actual printing of the stickers, and the time it takes for handling (I personally stuff each and every envelope) and you can see that we’re basically selling the stickers at cost.

    5 – We’ve sold items to people from Indonesia before. Paypal is pretty well established all over the world, so I find it hard to believe that there is no suitable alternative out there for making payment. Either way, I have never received contact from anyone associated with these fake stickers even asking if there are other methods to pay.

    6 – In the past few years, starting JNC, struggling to get it off the ground, trying our damnedest to get the magazine out, I’ve learned a lot from all the people out there who believe in JNC. This might sound cliche, but in this case, I absolutely believe that we have the best, most loyal supporters in the world. I’ve come to appreciate the true value of supporting causes you believe in and personally, I’m willing to pay a little extra to provide that support.

  42. Dear Louis, and for all guys here which is all Japanese Car Lover,

    I Think this is too much seriously instead only “small think” (I’m sorry if i’am have wrong opinion)

    It is not only about Real or Fake Sticker, i made it by myself for my own passion.

    It is very difficult to make, $2 is too cheap for it. As economical theory i’am stupid not to buy from JNC, but once again it’s my passion.

    Do you ever have a feeling when you do something, big effort to give, but you have the good result in final?

    Very satisfied feeling my friend. That is what i’am doing.

    “My corolla patched cool sticker… world class community sticker… wow it’s amazing”

    Unfortunatelly JNC is one the best for Japan Retro Car Community that i know, maybe if any other community like this i’ll try to make it too.

    Thanks for every body here… nice to see you in this “sticker matters”

    For Dan, sorry there’s no sticker to send. i lost my feel to make it again…. LOL

  43. boim says:

    iswahyudi is not a RAT…, he is a fans of japanese cars, he’s proud of your sticker..!!! if you mind of what he’s done…!!! we can makes another sticker with another text..and fuck of your sticker and japanese cars…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. vballin says:

    to all the people supporting the fake sticker maker, i have a genuine question…

    do you think it is wrong to copy someone else’s intellectual property?

  45. BLACKEXCEL says:

    yes you are not provide it but everybody can save it to their harddrive, you should protect your images to avoid this kind of problem, just disable right, from your site i dont think thats is hard…

    I dont know, you can ask JNC, does JNC ask iswahyudi permission to publish iswahyudi’s photo? probably Iswahyudi tag JNC on the photo, but that doesn’t mean that Iswahyudi allowed any kind of use of the photo, but hey you know what iswahyudi cool with it 🙂

    this is my last reply, i love japanese car, but i lost respect in this site…

  46. vballin says:

    wow, publishing someone’s photo where they tagged YOU in it is completely different than copying someone’s logo and selling it for a profit. if you do not even understand this simple distinction then there is no hope. would you copy a nike shoe and pretend that it’s real? aside from the fact that it’s ILLEGAL, if anyone found out, they would laugh at you for having fake nikes!

    i was pretty impressed when i saw coverage of the indonesian classic car scene in JNC issue3, and from all of the indonesian friends on the facebook page. it looked like they had some pretty nice cars, but now i don’t know what to believe. maybe those are all fake wheels, fake body kits, fake parts…who knows now?

    you lost respect for this site? well i lost respect for the whole indonesian car culture.

  47. hondafan says:

    @BLACK EXCEL – So if I leave my front door unlocked, it’s okay for someone to come in and take my TV? Based on your comment, you seem to acknowledge the fact that it’s wrong to be copying the logo.

    @vballin – I wouldn’t be so quick to judge an entire nation’s car culture based on the actions of a few.

  48. BLACKEXCEL says:

    okay this is the last reply I promise 🙂

    oh now its a diferrent thing? does iswahyudhi sell those sticker? NO! he already told Dan and everyone that he only make 1, i dont think there is any different, if you think there is, well enlight me. so if you upload your photos on facebook and i use it for my blog, surely you’re okay with it.

    you lost respect on whole Indonesian car culture? thats fine, they probably dont need your respect either, heck they probably dont need my respect either 🙂

    no im saying dont forget to lock your door, ive already told Iswahyudhi that he is wrong, and i asked him to take it off to avoid further conflict and hope it would end this blog, yes i know the fact that its wrong but you guys have to give iswahyudhi a slack, many of the reply put him in the corner, you guys have to be fair it’s just 1 sticker, and he did not making any profit from it. if he wanted to make profit from it, tagging JNC on facebook wouldnt be a smart thing to do, but yet he tags JNC. you guys judge him by a text he wrote (with a little knowledge of english). its completely different if you talk face to face.

    this is why i lost respect with this site, you guys just to quick to judge people you dont know with a little informationand thats a fact, and you guys neglect the fact that Iswahyudhi did it because he love JNC, that is why he bother to make that sticker.

    okay thanks for the discussion i had fun, nice to know you guys (really)

  49. charko says:

    can we end this things up, guys?
    Iswahyudi is not a RAT, he put his highest respect on JNC, why dont you guys do the same?
    he made it by his own passion, and he produce 1 sticker only.
    he’s not sell it in large number.
    he knew that he was wrong, why some people appear to discredit him?

  50. Dan says:

    Blackexcel, to be fair, your last comment is the first time anyone has said copying a logo is wrong. Before that, it seemed like everyone that was defending Iswahyudhi was saying it was okay to do so. I think that’s why people were being so vocal about it.

    Anyways, it seems like people on both sides got a little too excited. Hopefully we can move on now and get back to enjoying nostalgics. Regardless of our differences here, that is the one thing that still brings us together. =D

  51. back to our jap’s retro car & enjoying nostalgic
    thanx Dan & i’m so sorry about that 🙂

    ━━☆★━ i ♥ ЯR (Яetro Rides) ━★☆━━

  52. Indonesia nostalgic cars culture is good

  53. gakbrenti says:

    juz wanna says..

    stop this conversation..let’s go forward..
    enjoy this japan classics
    the stickers is GOOD
    and..this site absolutely made me drooling


  54. Jayson Sturges says:

    I would like a few stickers where? How much?

  55. Jessica says:

    I am a proud owner of a 1989 Nissan S-Cargo. I call her the Inspector Gadget, but most people call her the Pope mobile or Fish bowl. My question for anyone is: What paint color should I go for? I was thinking Blue Wave Metallic and bring out the grey trim, the little snails on the doors and hubcaps (the rims are white). Also, place in Japanese letters on the tailgate S-Cargo then English letters Nissan. What decals should I put on the vehicle? Koi (since most call it a fishbowl), or ???

  56. 7LbB8xy8rnw says:


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