Friday Video: Intersection pimps CR-Z, but first-gen Honda Prelude is all class

The French arm of Intersection, the half-automotive half-fashion magazine, recently pimped an unsuspecting Honda CR-Z. Is a gloss beige sport hybrid with orange tires laughably ridiculous, or so avant garde that our uncultured pea-brains can’t comprehend it?

It didn’t help that the man behind the operation seemed excruciatingly douchey. But then we saw that beneath his affected style lurked a Honda connoisseur.

This video ode captures everything that’s cool about the to the first-gen Honda Prelude, from the superimposed tachometer/speedometer to the fact that it was the first Japanese car to have an electric sunroof. Suddenly we could not imagine slinking through Paris in any car other than a silver, SN-type ‘lude. Well played, artsy French Xzibit. Well played.

P.S. Can a French-speaking JNCer translate?

[Intersection CR-Z]

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18 Responses to Friday Video: Intersection pimps CR-Z, but first-gen Honda Prelude is all class

  1. banpei says:

    Totally agree: his Prelude SN is way cooler than the ridiculously looking CR-Z. 😀
    I also doubt if the manual CR-Z outdoes the SN in terms of fuel efficiency… Of course his Hondamatic couldn’t since old fashioned auto boxes are not very efficient, but if he would have had a manual it could have been close. 😉

  2. Jean-claude says:

    I don’t understand this art but I’m French … In France we have an expression to define it : “C’est du vent !” (It’s the wind : Its nothing, this is insignificant and useless).

  3. E-AT_me says:

    i took 3 years of french.. i unno what he’s saying.. i like the beige. i also super-like the prelude.. SUPERCUB MODEL IN THE AIRVENT FTW!!!

  4. 240ZT says:

    My grandmother had a 1st generation Honda Prelude “hondamatic” in that exact silver although hers had a red velour interior. She was the only owner and had it up until about 5 years ago when she sold it for something a bit safer and sold it for only $2,000. When she sold it, it had 59,000 miles, had never been driven in the rain, had no a speck of rust and was overall spotless. She had maintained it religiously. I highly regret not buying it from her but I didn’t have the cash at the time and she needed it for her down payment.

  5. John says:

    I just want to know where I can get some orange tires…

  6. Tony says:

    I was playing some yacht rock whilst watching the Prelude. Seems fitting.

  7. Tofuik says:

    Alright… I need some of that beige paint for my civic.

  8. eg6maxx says:

    First clip, the guy talks about the color choice : Beige. Not a (modern) metalic color, beige is great… Blablabla…
    Second clip he introduces himself as a Honda enthusiast, because of Honda unique attention to design, including cars, motorcycles and… Robots.
    The Prelude is his third Honda.
    Then he talks about the CR-Z “cosmetic” project… He wants to “dress” the car, create rims…etc…
    Not very interesting in fact :/

  9. moominsean says:

    it looks stupid now, but this is the kind of shot we will be using as desktop wallpaper 15 years from now when it is “retro cool”!

    • Tyler says:

      That’s an interesting thought. Although by then I’d probably prefer that Juke with the GT-R engine to an artsy French CR-Z. 🙂

  10. nlpnt says:

    The orange tires kill it for me, otherwise it’s not too bad.

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