Inside a Japanese Used Car Auction

8000 cars on a slow day, 20 seconds to jab buttons like lab pigeon on cocaine, thousands of yen, and one new ride to take home. Follow the Australian series Mad Mods on a quest to buy a JDM car at an Osaka used vehicle auction. Watch the video below.

[VW Vortex via Jalopnik]

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10 Responses to Inside a Japanese Used Car Auction

  1. Kevin Lee says:

    ive been to osaka, nice place to be, and they are right, hardly any high performance cars, its the usual kei cars and the smaller cc cars. didnt know that had that huge auction house there.

  2. Jim-Bob says:

    It only makes me wish the US didn’t have that silly 25 year rule. I would love to be driving a Kei car in the US as there are no truly small car choices that seat 4 sold here.

    • Tyler says:

      It’s really a shame we don’t get the Volkswagen Polo, Peugeot 1007 and Citroen C1 as well, among others. At least the larger Fiesta is here; maybe it will pave the way for more small cars.

  3. cesariojpn says:

    ARGH, 3 minutes of “useful” info, 20 minutes of crap.

  4. musTRD TE27 says:

    Pretty neat video. I wouldn’t watch a majority of their videos though. (How to install a BOV in a non turbo car etc) The tiny mini clone was awesome, would these be only 600cc?

  5. Kostamojen says:

    Man, he sure had my taste in cars. That STI Forester was exactly what I would go for!

  6. Komeuppance says:

    There’s a follow up to the cars they bought, along with an interesting story about a surprise in the trunk… haha.

  7. cj says:

    what website does that guy represent? or is he just some agent?
    also, what are good websites to check out for this kind of stuff?

  8. Liberty says:

    I want to be buy vehicle from Japan

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