‘Initial D’ Mazda RX-7 computer mouse slides across your desk with ease

If your computer mouse isn’t the fastest downhill peripheral on Mt Desktop, perhaps you need to upgrade to this Initial D one. Modeled after Ryosuke Takahashi’s FC  Mazda RX-7, the mouse is a dead ringer for the White Comet of Akagi. But if its cursor pointing style is too clinical for you, there’s the option of getting its younger brother, Keisuke Takahashi’s more flamboyant FD.

The mice are offered by Camshop, and feature working lights at both ends of the car. The Redsuns are well represented with detailed recreations of their cars, complete with unlicensed roll calls on the doors. The spoiler on Keisuke’s FD looks like it could give you a major case of carpal tunnel and its long-term durability is unknown, but your anatomy may vary.

Both RX-7s come in alternate versions that we see in later installments of Initial D. Keisuke’s FD seems a bit easier on the arm, but then Ryosuke’s FC gets the giant wing treatment. All the mice are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chrome operating systems. Each of the four versions cost ¥7700 per mouse ($50 USD) and, in a rare occurrence for Japanese retailers, can be shipped overseas. Of course, OGs might want to rest their wrists on Takumi’s AE86 mouse. Just don’t spill the water.

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  1. Franxou says:

    These are so cheesy, so ergonomically horrible, so unexplainable to my significant other, but I want them so much!
    If they ever make a 2-seater Z31 or the blue 240Z from Wangan Midnight I might end up having some explaining to do…

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