Initial D Fifth Stage to premiere November 9

Hang on to your e-brakes because the hit anime Initial D returns November 9. What was originally lost in translation and reported as a reboot is actually a restart, continuing the series where it left off six years ago.

The long-awaited Initial D Fifth Stage will follow the exploits of Takumi Fujiwara and his humble tofu-delivery Toyota AE86 and rival-turned-teammate Keisuke Takahashi and his Mazda FD RX-7 in their quest to become Japan’s touge champions. Episodes will air twice a month on Japanese pay-per-view satellite TV.

[Source: Perfect Choice] Thanks to hanzel for the tip!

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25 Responses to Initial D Fifth Stage to premiere November 9

  1. hanzel says:

    thanks for the credit too, and my pleasure to help out too. im actually excited for this after 6 years hehehe. 🙂

  2. dankan says:

    Ok, now to get to work pirating this…

  3. Aaron says:

    ugghhh… it will be 2018 before I ever get these on netflix….

  4. Sean says:

    i knew that couldn’t have been the end, i wonder what new cars will be added in.. probably Supra, Evo VIII, or X??, Altezza, NSX maybe? can’t remember what else they had in the video games that weren’t in the show yet.. it outta be good though.. can’t wait to see em… (whenever that is… )

    • tim says:

      check out the manga i dont want to spoil you but they are really goood trust me 😉

    • Andrei says:

      @Sean: Nobuhiko Akiyama (Toyota Altezza) was shown battling Takumi’s AE86 in the anime – fourth stage, episode nine. Watch all stages plus the extra&battle stages, it’s worth it 😀

  5. madfaber says:

    Very excite!

  6. Brian says:

    If you want spoilers you can read the manga, that never really stopped if I recalled. I remember a 350z in the few chapters I read.

    But I am more excited than a giddy school girl passing a note in class!

  7. Ash says:

    We all have been waiting for ages, ever since the Purple Shadows race. A year or 2 back I read the manga from the start of the end of the anime. It is very good and i’m extremely excited for this. so happy 🙂

  8. Brandon says:

    Where can we view these at??????

  9. njccmd2002 says:

    awesome. now to learn japanese

  10. kingtoy says:

    WOW, I can’t wait to get my hands on this. 😀

  11. Miek says:

    I don’t look forward to many animes anime more (mostly because all new series are stylish derivative nonsense) but new Initial D? Marking my calendar.

  12. Keito says:

    about long ass time almost lost faith that another stage was gonna happen lol

  13. jack says:

    finally! after 6 long years!

  14. chris says:

    If they were smart, they would have an english sub option on the pay-per-view so they can have paying english speaking customers which there is far more US fans than there are Japanese fans these days

  15. Muhd Nasaee says:

    OMG finally its coming out!!! 😀 😀 😀
    There are so going to be many battles Im looking forward to in Nagao and Tsubaki.
    The storyline is going to be so much better with Project D’s good looking aces.

    Tip:Read the manga in the later chapters to get the gist of what you can expect in this new stage guys 😀 its going to be a blast Im tellin ya

  16. George says:

    Hopefully funimation is already working on getting english translastions or subtitles as soon as they come out.

  17. Remig says:

    Oh there will be teams subbing right after the episodes are released, Funimation will be the last to do so because they are boo. At least they will be releasing two a month unlike 4th stage where it was an episode or two every other month! L&D or something were always the first to sub. Can’t wait! Too bad the author is ending iy however…

  18. Remig says:

    It was supposed to be released March of 2012 to keep with tradition, 4th Stage was released March of 2004, but this time there’s a delay. It was never lost as the author said he would continue writing the comic/manga. Creating the Animation however is another story.

    In a nutshell the Kanagawa/Tokyo area is considered the center of Japanese motorsports with a high number of enthusiasts; it’s also the last area that Project D needs to conquer. Bunta said it would be the toughest…

  19. DARK SLAYER says:

    where is mako is mako in there

  20. DynamesLockon21 says:

    This is a hit right here, can’t wait for it. I’m going to watch it all in Netflix and read the manga for this.

  21. lance says:

    Lets go hit the mountain pass

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