Import Bible Contest ANSWERS!


It’s all over folks! For those that didn’t get their entries in, you can always jump over to Import Bible, whip out the ol’ credit card, and snap up a few choice tees from the collection.

Thanks to everyone who entered—we were all pleasantly surprised at how much you guys knew, and we hope everyone had some fun trying to guess the various cars. The crowd over at the AusZoku forums even combined their knowledge to see how close they could come to a complete list!

A lot of entries came close, but in the end, there can be only one. …err, two.

So without further ado, the lucky winners of the two Import Bible T-shirts are:

Floody (who also gets the persistence award!) and Josh 2.5! Congratulations guys!

Both from Australia, interestingly. Considering our reader base is quite evenly spread across Australia and the US, that surprised us a bit! We’ll contact the winners shortly to make the necessary arrangements. But for everyone else—here are the ANSWERS!

1. 200_013941.jpg A’pexi A450

2. 200_10_14.jpg Isuzu Bellett GTR

3. 200_040811.jpg Nissan C10 Skyline

4. 200_026_jpg.jpg Mazda K360

5. 200_496.jpg Toyota Corona 1600GT

6. 200_038641.jpg Datsun 260C (or 330 Cedric)

7. 200_silrear.jpg Datsun CSP311 Silvia

8. 200_010_jpg_jpg_jpg.jpg Datsun B110 Sunny 1200 Coupe

9. 200_10_13.jpg Hino Contessa Coupe

10. 200_034021.jpg Mazda Chantez

11. 200_028721.jpg Mazda L10 Cosmo 110S

12. 200_041211.jpg Mazda HB Cosmo

13. 200_te27_trueno_02.jpg Toyota TE27 Trueno

14. 200_1-002_jpg.jpg Mazda RX-3 Savanna GT

15. 200_027322.jpg Nissan DR30 Skyline RS-X Turbo

16. 200_idunno.jpg Autech Zagato Stelvio

17. 200_legato7.jpg Mazda CD Cosmo Landau

18. 200_lsd1.jpg Mitsuoka Le Seyde

And that’s all she wrote! Hope all you guys had fun with it and we’ll certainly have fun putting together the next contest!

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2 Responses to Import Bible Contest ANSWERS!

  1. josh2.5 says:

    Thanks grandJDM & Import Bible! 😀

  2. floody says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter, grandJDM & Import Bible! Finally have something to show for my hours of endlessly surfing obscure websites, books, magazines etc, ha, my girlfriend can’t tell me I’m wasting time NOW!

    Now, to decide…so many cool threads…

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