If I Were Ever Going to Break and Enter…


…This would be the place.

I don’t know too much about this, but it looks like the owner of these photos took a trip to some sort of Nissan warehouse slash museum, and promptly wet himself. Well alright, he didn’t wet himself, but I’d forgive him if he did. Packed with examples of just about every Nissan from every generation—from track-specific builds through to regular road cars—this place is a-maz-ing. So go check out his photos, but make sure you slide a rubber mat under you first, huh.

Man, we really know how to pile on the Nissan stuff! But hey, according to the poll over there, that’s all good. And remember, if you’ve seen anything you think we should be mentioning, shoot us an email.

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9 Responses to If I Were Ever Going to Break and Enter…

  1. Organic Zero says:

    O_o HOLY FU….

    It’s incredible… It’s beyond incredible… i’ve never expected to see the existence of such place. Not to mention the existence of such models in perfect condition. I wonder if other brands have these kind of places aswell…

  2. importjap says:

    Ohh my God.

    It’s like Charlie when he enters Wonka’s factory. Here’s hoping I get the golden ticket. Powerball ftw.

  3. Kev says:

    Yes, Toyota has something similar. Toyota has a pretty kick-ass museum, but they have more cars than display spaces so the cars rotate in and out of a similar storage facility.

    Toyota Storage

  4. Lachy says:

    Unfortunately the Zama warehouse is not open to public. It’s just a storage facility, and these guys obviously had connections to get inside 🙂 Great photos, even if they completely missed the Z432…

    Never fear! More links here:


    And here:


    It is frustrating that Nissan still haven’t got a decent museum in Japan. They do have plans for one though 🙂

  5. Omawari_San says:


  6. And for more photos and background info for all the cars in Nissans “Heritage Collection” at Zama go here:


    I saved all the photos to my work pc and use them as a screen-saver. 🙂

  7. sax says:

    OwO! What a lucky guy. So beautiful, they even have the the Paris Dakar Navara there…and rally damaged S30.

    hehehe I wouldn’t mind being chased by that S30ZG. All those Princes, Datsun’s and Nissans seem so wasted to be just sitting in that Warehouse…

  8. Jnostalgics says:

    Uh ok… I just discovered that we used the exact same photo out of the hundreds available on that site. Good taste, fellas. 🙂

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