That junkyard-found LHD Prince Skyline is in good hands in Japan

A few months ago a super-rare left-hand-drive 1960 Prince Skyline was found in an Idaho junkyard waiting to be scrapped. We immediately helped spread the word, and pretty soon the ALSI Skyline was purchased by a buyer in Japan, someone who reportedly had a few other Prince-era Skylines, with plans to restore it. Now, the car has landed on the other side of the Pacific and we are happy to tell you that the story gets even better.

The Conclusion to our junkyard USDM Skyline story came when friend of the site Alexis Campos, who discovered the Skyline initially, provided an update showing the vehicle had safely arrived on Japanese shores. After a surprisingly quick journey, photos of the car being loaded onto a Mitsubishi Canter flatbed were posted to the Utah Japanese Classic Cars Facebook page.

As you can see from the sticker on the side of the flatbed, the new owner is none other than the shop Barracuda, a specialist in early Nissan and Prince vehicles. We have featured their cars on several occasions, including their Prince Skyway station wagon and E24 Nissan Caravan.

If there’s anyone with the ability to restore the LHD Prince back to its original glory, it’s Barracuda. Hell, they have a Prince Clipper shop truck. It’s no small task, as our original post showed the car in very poor shape. And seeing as the car was on its way to becoming several new washing machines, this is the best possible outcome we could think of. We hope to see it at a show in Japan someday.

Thanks to Alexis Campos for the heads up!

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11 Responses to That junkyard-found LHD Prince Skyline is in good hands in Japan

  1. harshith says:

    the toyota van look amazing

  2. ERK says:

    Thanks for the update! I hope you’ll keep us posted with progress of this car. Its such a cool story.

  3. GSX-R35 says:

    Woot! Was hoping to hear more of what happened to this car and I’m so glad it’s now in a better home. I’ve never heard of this shop before but I’m certainly going to research them now after seeing their shop cars. I love that Caravan!

  4. Lee L says:

    Great news! Also, now that nissan van is my favorite vehicle. I must have one.

  5. F31roger says:

    Think of how many good cars get destroyed every year!

    Every time I go to the junkyards, I look for rare-ish cars and see what they have on them. For half a year, I was doing the junkyard hustle on my weekends, posting cars in groups and asking if people need anything.

    I’m glad to hear this rarity was saved!!!!

  6. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    I agree! I (arguably) think saving a vintage car that has already been manufactured is greener than producing a new Prius. The amount of resources required to produce a new car is tremendous compared to restoring one, even considering the “economical” fuel burn. I’m just hoping the EV conversion market matures for the more pedestrian classic cars.

  7. Otso says:

    Nice find and important rescue. I took home one PMC Gloria 1966 is probably the year. Very bad but was going to be scrapped sooner or later.

  8. linzk says:

    ALSIEL-1!ultra rare export skyline!

  9. HI have you a power steering BOX for 1989 nissan urvan THANKS DAVID

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