VIDEO: “I am bad till I die. Is there anything wrong with that?”

Bousou Lamborghini. Love to Hate Me

We in the west might think of bosozoku culture as part of “true” Japanese car culture where its extreme style and foreignness is unlikely to ever fully make the cross over to the west. The truth is, most true Japanese people hate the bosozoku. They are known for holding up traffic with their antics and if anyone tries to get by, well, that’s what the twirling baseball bats are for.

In this video called, “Underground Hero: Love to Hate Me,” Maiham Media explores the life of a gangster as they bousou around Tokyo. As scary looking as these professional troublemakers are, they are not above letting a cool car sweep them off their feet.  

You would not want to run into Shinichi Moroboshi and his tattooed entourage in a dark alley, but even he still remembers the exact time and place he first first saw a Countach. From that day on, he decided he’d have a Lamborghini no matter what. Now, saint that he is, he drives a blinged-out Diablo and wears shiny suits to give dreams to the youth. It’s the circle of life.

via Maiham Media.

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7 Responses to VIDEO: “I am bad till I die. Is there anything wrong with that?”

  1. kp61kyrstie says:

    sooooooooooo rad. i am very glad this video was made. i will always be bad as wel. word!!

  2. Sideglide says:

    Seen that Lambo around a few times. It was at the last Tokyo Auto salon as well. That Batting cage is a hotspot at night for deliqs in the heart of Kabukicho aka the land of Yaks and Love Hotels.

  3. Sideglide says:

    Oh yea, also I’m pretty sure this is being played up quite a bit. I’m 90% sure he is also the same guy with the pink Diablo that was at the 50th anniversary. He was a kind, nice guy that besides revving the engine, acted really shy. I think this video is fun, but not sure on how authentic it REALLY is. You make the call.

  4. John M says:

    Probably the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a UFO was on the Wangan a few weeks ago as I was leaving Japan. It seemed like an exotic sports car, but it was like the whole car was a strobe light and then they killed the lights and it was like a pitch black negative image. You could kind of track it like Predator going through the treetops, but you weren’t quite sure what you were looking at. Not sure if it was one of the cars in this video, but it definitely made an impression. Anyway, I liked the video.

  5. Bobby C says:

    I enjoyed the video, although it started to seem tongue-in-cheek toward the end. When he looked right at the camera for the final shot, I thought he might recommend Dos Equis to me.

    He mentions “grey areas”, and I am curious what sorts of “grey area” activites bosou folks are up to. I was under the impression that the sleeve tattoos pretty much set you off as a yakuza. Although I think I have read that there is some overlap between bosou and yakuza, too. But I am curious how he is up to no good – bootleg alcohol? Stolen car parts? Drugs? Prostitution?

  6. jivecom says:

    you went way overboard with the flickering text effect, video producer guy

  7. ErikFM says:

    I’ve been living my life all wrong

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