Hungarian in JNC T-shirt makes world’s greatest neo-hachiroku video

Look out, Top Gear. A Hungarian in, at varying times, Initial-D and JNC T-shirts has created what is being hailed as the world’s greatest Toyota GT 86 review. It might even be one of the greatest car review videos, period, neo-hachiroku or no. The production values and cinematography of Nino Karotta‘s Barcelona to Budapest jaunt are simply astounding, and there’s even some comparative track time in his own AE86 coupe. If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to shoot across Europe in a RWD Toyota, this movie was made for you. 

[via Crank & Piston]

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28 Responses to Hungarian in JNC T-shirt makes world’s greatest neo-hachiroku video

  1. Nino Karotta says:

    Thanks for the props, guys. In fact I also happen to be an avid JNC reader, and if you are really watching closely, you can recognize your t-shirt on me while covering the German Autobahn:

    I also happen to be building an S30-Z33 hybrid track car, you may check it out here:

    • Ben says:

      Ha, I hadn’t noticed! I’m glad the shirt could travel with you on this epic journey. I have since changed the title of this post. 😉

      • streetsta says:

        I just noticed the post. Great! This is the point where all things get together: the shirt I got for Nino at the Toyotafest in Long Beach, JNC authors, readers and my friend’s great work. The world is just a small place:)

    • Ben says:

      Ah, so you’re the one I should be thanking. köszönöm!

      Any chance you and Nino will be coming to JCCS this year?

  2. Daniel says:

    Poor germans are not allowed to watch that movie (one soundtrack is not licenced)


  3. Lukas says:

    It´s nicely done, but another example of an artificially hyped video/article on the net. One person says it´s “one of the greatest car review videos ever” and every other blogger starts parroting.

    • McCoy says:

      So every blogger is saying the same thing, why would you assume it’s parroting and not truth? Is it impossible that the car is just that good?

    • dickie says:

      ^ such is the web. i tuned out the Gymkhana 5 coverage relatively easily considering how wide it was spread. In the case of this particular car, I am especially interested in gathering as many perspectives as possible from across the spectrum. I haven’t seen it posted anywhere else yet, so I appreciate this being here.

    • Sakul says:

      what we really need is an artificially hyped video of the 1st gen camry

    • Brad Gavin says:

      Show me a better review on this car and I will agree with you. But until then this is the best review of this car I have seen.

    • pucus says:

      lucas are you there? SOUR GRAPES SOUR GRAPES SOUR GRAPES. haha

  4. Benjamin says:

    There is so much about this video that creeps me out. The way he fondles the car, the tread depth gauge jumping from 6.65 to 6.66, a European talking about a crusade…

  5. Wagoneer says:

    Am I alone in being a little bit dissapointed by the GT86? I just wish it was a lot less sophisticated and basic like the old car. Seems to me this is more of a Celica replacement than a cheap rear wheel drive car to have fun in. I wish we could get more cars like the Copen, Beat and AZ-1 that truly are stripped down pocket rockets. Japanese manufacturers seem to have a habit of keeping their more fun cars to themselves before the rest of the world get a taste. If Toyota really wanted to hit the low budget enthusiast market then then they ought to take their inspiration from the old RWD Starlets. And why on earth are Daihatsu pulling out of Europe? Buying a second hand Copen just got a lot more difficult 🙁

    • cesariojpn says:

      Blame USA’s regulations. If they would strip down the regulations and be on par with most of the free world, perhaps we could have such cool cars without it being saddled with model bloat.

  6. Hoova says:

    I loved the video! Watched it in entirety last night and can honestly say it was worth it. He always had something good to say, and loved when he had to pause mid sentence because he was shredding the corners so hard.

  7. madfaber says:

    the only way that could have been better is if they showed the “86” emblem about 4 or 5 hundread more times

  8. Iwakuni91 says:

    Well done Nino! The comparison to Top Gear seems quite apt. The visuals of a motormavens, speedhunters or stanceworks with the dialogue of a motorvision in my opinion, puts it over Top Gear. While visually stunning, Top Gear leaves you with the impression that it is more about the presenter than the car. What Nino has done is to give the viewer a fair, albeit biased, view of what is good about the 86, based on past and present driving needs. This is the first review that made me say, hey, I think I get it. Bravo dude!

  9. J.A.C.K says:

    Amazing video!

  10. Tofuik says:

    Amazing video. This is the first new car since the original honda fit that I’d be willing to go back into car note hell for.

    • TheQuickness says:

      I’ve always thought the same thing!! Honda Fit is built like an old school civic! I love the idea of buying a car brand new and keeping it around for the rest of your life 🙂 I feel like you could do that with the Fit or a Neo-86.

  11. Tom Westmacott says:

    Brilliant stuff, thanks for putting so much work into it.

    The best videos are those that are personal and heartfelt, that reflect what the car means to the presenter personally. Pairing it up with your own hachi on-track really put into context what the GT86 means to you.

    It’s practically a love-letter to the new car, and a very persuasive advertisement for it. I feel myself being tempted… (test drive on Sunday).

  12. jfa says:

    That is one well done video. The cinematography was really good as was the whole expereince. You really mananged to capture the essence of the car; showing just how versitile it really is as well as its origins with the AE-86 . Nice work!

  13. szymonsta says:

    excellent review! having test-driven an 86 recently myself I think you capture the feeling of this car perfectly!

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