QotW: How has car ownership affected your love life?

Holidays are times we spend with our loved ones. But that time in the garage, on the road, or at the track can create conflict, because some of us also have spouses or significant others. Or, maybe your better half is the type that shares the same enthusiasm for automotive adventures as yourself. For this Valentine’s Day QotW, we ask:

How has car ownership affected your love life?

The best comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s the next Japanese car to cross the six-figure mark?“.

If we were picking the cars that are likely to break the six figure mark next, we’d agree with Jonathan P. for his choice of the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R and Taylor C.‘s pick of the FD Mazda RX-7. Then there was gaijin shogun, who made a case that the Subaru 360 should be, even there’s no chance it will. Shaun provided an interesting perspective from the Australian market, which favors rotaries far more than the US market (and they probably deserve it).

The winner this week, however, was Dimitry Mochkin, who made a strong case for the TE27 Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno. The truth is, there is a six-figure example already out there, though whether it will ever cross an auction block to make it official is another story. In any case, Dimitry’s argument is compelling:

Simple, the absolute simpleton of a car – the TE27 Corolla. The car that put Toyota on the map worldwide and Japanese automotive brand names as a whole.

Corolla has existed in various models over the decades around the globe and there’s almost not a single place in the world where people haven’t been driving one. It’s simple, cheap, reliable, thus checking all the boxes that regular people usually look for in a car.

Corolla saw success not only on the street but on track as well, competing in miriads of championships and single-make series around the world. And I mean, who hasn’t heard of the now legendary AE86. The car that used to cost maybe 1k$ 10 years ago, and tenfold that now.

Here’s to Corolla breaking the 6 figure barrier.

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11 Responses to QotW: How has car ownership affected your love life?

  1. Curtis says:

    In undergrad I drove a 1990 S13 fastback then a 1988 MA70 Supra. Loved those cars to death, but my girlfriend sure didn’t. They were turbocharged and catless (already a bad idea but girlfriend really hated the smells), constantly needed work, and took up every free dollar I had to make sure I could get to campus and my crappy part-time job at Knott’s Berry Farm. There were several date nights that had to be cancelled because of those cars. She hated how loud and uncomfortable they were, and trying to pull into a nice restaurant’s parking lot with something slammed to the ground while doing the whole one wheel at a time dance over speedbumps got old real quick. But my friends all thought my cars were cool!

  2. vic says:

    Well, bought the car new in December, 1972. Had a great girlfriend at the time. She loved the car. When she went to college, I drove her to and fro for quite some time. Relationship didn’t last the distance. In subsequent relationships, car remained. All loved the car. Car has gone the mileage even with a marriage. Just kinda grew apart. Today? The trusty Celica has survived 50 years of my life! Maybe my true soulmate! Of course, still have the car! :o). Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Taylor C. says:

    I have an old NA Miata that I bought right after finishing grad school in 2005. Before we had kids, my wife and I would always zip around places in that car. It was basically perfect; just the two of us, cozy interior yet enough space to stow our items, decent trunk space, and the wonderful driving experience. While many people prefer the tall, giant vehicles for that sense of command and security, I felt the Miata just rounded out the whole feeling. Alas, the kids came and our travels shifted to her Cube or the station wagon. The Miata

    On a Friday a few years back, when the kids were at school and my wife and I had a day off, we hopped in the MIata to go run some errands / get lunch. I slipped into my seat, opened the door for her to get in, and when she did, it just felt like all the pieces of the puzzle were back together. I told her, “we haven’t done this in years!, this feels so complete! Let’s make this a date!” zoom zoom…

    • Taylor C. says:

      …. forgot to finish the first paragraph.

      The Miata would mainly see commute duty, some track time, or I would drive either of the kids around during an errand run or the like. My wife would rarely sit shotgun, as there just wasn’t the opportunity.

  4. desktopspeedshop says:

    My love life has affected my JNC ownership or better yet, it started it!
    I’ve alway liked JNC and period correct modifications but car wise the third gen f-body is my first love.
    I used to drive a 91 Trans Am that i modded with JNC inspired custom parts but it was also worn down and way to expensive for the Netherlands.
    It was my fiancee that convinced me to sell it and get something cheaper.i NEEDED simple engineering and 80’s styling. so i got an 84 Honda Prelude and later an 87 Civic wich i still drive daily.
    I will get a thid gen F-body again but it will have to share a garage with the civic!

  5. f31roger says:

    My wife knew of my car lifestyle before we got married. Obviously she wants me to be more tame about spending money and I have…

    But she also sees how much money is saved on having an older car that is paid off.
    Being older and a family man… it is different compared to 20yrs ago when I was single and would just hang out with my race crew. Late night food runs or hanging out at Denny’s after the street races… hanging out after the car shows… It’s obviously not the same..

    But it is fun sharing the hobby with my kids.

  6. Jonathan P. says:

    I would to start by saying that it gives me good vibes reading everyone’s stories. I would like to finish by saying that I’m part of that “lonely driver’s club”.

  7. Kevin H. says:

    My wife always knew I had an interest in all things automotive. It wasn’t until we had been dating for a year when my interest turned into obsession with the purchase of my first, non hand-me-down, car; a DC2 Integra. Throughout our 21 year relationship, my wife tends to want me to “leave the damn house” or “ go hang with your friends” because all I ever want to do is wrench. She doesn’t share in my hobby and has become less concerned about what she drives. One thing my wife understands is that my interest in all things automotive is what 90% of my daily brain energy goes to, and she still loves me. The pandemic has made all of us understand that we need to embrace our interests and my wife and family totally support my automotive addiction.
    My family love life has taken a great turn as my oldest daughter, 15yo, has learned manual transmission…and prefers manual transmission cars. I’m succeeding and I love my family.

  8. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    She tore down & built an engine before the next heat in the morning. She helped me shoehorn an engine under the hood. She is the Queen of the art of Safety Wiring. She introduced me to crewing in the pits. She is awesome. (I introduced her to all things vintage)

  9. Ian G. says:

    Car ownership has helped boost it. I am in a new relationship. On date 2 I put her to the test by taking her to a huge Miata/Roadster meet right before dinner. She loved it and was open to doing car things. A week later, she and her kid met up w/me at Cars and Coffee.
    For Valentine’s Day a few days ago, we went to a meet at a Mazda dealership where they brought out the MX5 Cup cars and had a big Miata gathering (again). At the end of the month, she wants to go to a Z gathering. i think I hit the jackpot w/this one. Thank you, cool Japanese cars and car meets! 🙂

  10. Shaun says:

    An introduction AND breakup:

    Introduction: In 1994 I met my first serious girlfriend. After work, she would stand out front waiting for her ride home and my workplace was directly opposite. We finished around the same time, and one day I had the courage to go over and introduce myself. She immediately replied “what took you so long? I was wondering when you’d come and speak to me!” Perplexed, I said “what do you mean?” It turns out she thought I had been ‘winking’ at her with my car for a few months. At the time I drove a white 1983 NA Nissan Exa. Wiring problems caused left headlight to randomly pop up and down when starting cold. I just went with it.

    Breakup: A few months later, the same girl got her first car – a banged up green Datsun Stanza (82?). To celebrate, I bought her a cap with ‘DATSUN’ in letters on the front. She immediately put it on and found the nearest mirror, then said “NUSTAD…..what does that mean?” My jaw dropped. Broke up shortly thereafter.

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