Hot Wheels X JNC Hakosuka Nissan Skyline

We at JNC are very proud to announce the latest classic Japanese car to grace the 2011 Hot Wheels lineup — the legendary hakosuka. Mattel just sent us a small batch fresh off the assembly line, and has graciously allowed us to debut the Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X to JNC readers first! These are the first photos of it released anywhere in the world, but the actual diecast cars will soon be appearing in your local retail stores so be on the lookout for them.

And of course, we are just plain delirious with excitement that it features the JNC inkan on the doors. It has been an awesome experience working with Mattel, and we are really happy that they’re on the forefront of the nostalgic Japanese movement!

As you can see, this is no ordinary KGC10. Fitting with Hot Wheels’ theme of “speed, power and performance,” it’s a period-correct JDM racer with headlight covers, external oil cooler and bolt-on fender flares.

The attention to detail on this car is truly astounding. Behind the oil cooler hoses there’s a hint of bracing in the engine bay, and you can see the interior is fully caged. It’s heavier than your typical Hot Wheels too, giving it both a substantial feel and the ability to fly down an orange plastic track.

The livery is from the 1970s Nissan works cars, and the “JUN-S” on the rear quarter is a nod to the man behind this car, Jun Imai. He’s the designer that’s been spearheading representation of vintage Japanese cars in the Hot Wheels lineup. You can thank him for the Datsun Bluebird 510 in 2009 and the Toyota AE86 in 2006. And he’s got a 1:1 scale 510 wagon at home. JNC will soon have an interview with Mr. Imai, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, look for the Skyline on the pegs in a couple of weeks. The guys at Mattel really do keep track of which ones sell, so if you want to see more vintage Nihon cars in Hot Wheels form, go get the hako!

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64 Responses to Hot Wheels X JNC Hakosuka Nissan Skyline

  1. Dan says:

    Childhood dream fullfilled!

  2. toji says:

    awesome !!! definitely keeping my eye out for this one

  3. Orang Akaun says:

    i have a collection of vintage hotwheels cars..

  4. retrokid says:

    I’m buying a ton of these and modding some of them… Got some watanabes in 1/64 scale lying around somewhere…

  5. Benji says:

    Thats awesome! Wonder if I can buy them anywhere in Europe?

  6. Nigel says:

    I have been waiting for these.
    I’ll buy three, maybe more.
    (Awesome !!)

  7. Ryuji says:

    wow, awesome! i can’t wait for that…i just got my 1/64 Prince Skyline GT-B…now i know what to buy next

  8. E-AT_me says:

    5 please!! seriously!! this is just wicked guys!

  9. hako says:

    Ill be buying all the ones at my local target!

  10. Kev says:

    Wow! What a scoop!

  11. Mario W says:

    Jun strikes again! Great job on the old school livery too Jun. Can’t wait to buy out all the local walmarts.

  12. Kev says:

    BTW, it’s a really cool distinction that it’s not an S20 car 🙂

  13. eric says:

    I love that it is not a GTR model as well. Long live the GTX!

  14. NGarage says:

    Awww I love it 😀
    is very cool Hakosuka

  15. Koich says:

    Gotta grab one!!

  16. Ben says:

    Thanks for all the positive comments guys. Mattel and Jun Imai have been a great partner in all this and they are really trying to look out for the nostalgic car enthusiasts, so give ’em much love and don’t leave any on the pegs!

  17. JT191 says:

    So it is not the original GTX.
    The GTX that won the 12 Hours of Suzuka on August 9-10, 1969, with 245 laps, which is 15 laps more than the closest Nissan car entered.
    The baby blue GTX with aluminum body driven by Shigeki Asaoka.

    • Koich says:

      Might be true, but the more important fact is that Mattel actually made this, and JNC got involved! 🙂

    • Kev says:

      I don’t think it’s intended to be a replica of any particular race car. But it’s very cool that Hot Wheels recognises that 2000GT-R KPGC10s are not very attainable, and that for the average J-tin gearhead a hot-roded L-series car would be the aspirational goal instead.

    • KPGC10-001218 says:

      LOL. Clever entry by Isuzu. Shame they didn’t repeat the feat very often…….

      • JT191 says:

        Japanese touring car racing divided cars into three classes which raced simultaneously. 1. Below 2 liter /four cylinder sedan / 4 door. 2. GT or 2 door. 3. Above 2 liter / above four cylinder sedan / four door.
        Nissan raced unopposed in that third class.
        The undocumented claim of 50 Nissan GTR victories is based on class victories, not overall victories, and built on running the four door car unopposed in the third class.
        Nissan did not introduce their GTR as a two door, placed pre-production models into racing, and even after later introducing the two door version, continued to race four door cars in the unopposed class.
        Maybe if Toyota, Mazda, Honda, and Isuzu had spent more time hand picking racing classes to run without competition, they would have Hotwheel cars stacking up as well. Sadly, each simply built great cars that all beat Skylines from time to time. But Skylines raced in their own class, unopposed.

        • KPGC10-001218 says:

          JT191, this all just sounds like sour grapes from a Bellett fan. Are you unhappy that Nissan pinched the ‘GTX’ moniker for a midrange sedan with a few extra bells and whistles, or that Nissan beat Isuzu to the ‘GT-R’ moniker by putting it on their top-of-the-range ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ PGC10 and trumped the Bellett GT-R to both the GT-R name AND the twink-in-a-box concept?
          No offence, but I don’t think you’re quite up to speed with Japanese touring car race classes of that period or indeed the types of races that Nissan’s works cars often found themselves in ( nobody really expected the works GT-Rs to compete for OUTRIGHT wins when they just happened to be in the same race as Group 6 and 7 sports cars ) and the privateers could do what they wanted anyway.
          One of the first things a manufacturer did in that period was look at a class that it wanted to compete in and then homologate a car to race in it. Nissan won the domestic touring car war from 1969 to 1972 simply because they homologated the right cars to run. If any of their competitors had created such machinery then they could have had a better shot at winning more of the battles. Mazda made the big push and finally succeeded ( let’s not go into the age-old question of how to quantify the rotary’s capacity ), but the war was by that time over and Nissan had won…..
          So it wasn’t about “hand picking racing classes” ( and what would be wrong with that anyway? ) it was more about the machinery available on the showrrom floor. It may look overhyped today, but the GT-R’s run of ( over ) 50 victories happened because the opposition simply had little or no answer to it.
          FInally, I think you are oversimplifying the class rules and possibly don’t have all the data you need from the period. The situation regarding classes was a lot more variable, and more complicated than the three you gave.
          This topic is probably worthy of a post on the main forum, and I would be happy to join in should you wish to start a new thread. It might save us from stinking up this blog entry at the very least!
          Alan T.

          • JT191 says:

            Nice fan-boy answer Alan.
            Nissan copied three names: GT, GTX, and GTR. Isuzu set down the specs for the Bellett GT-R on September 22-23, 1968, when the original GTX scored favorable results against the Toyota 7 and Porsche 908. All three Skylines in that race retired, lasting at most 35 laps of the 1000 km race.
            I will again point out that the 50 victory claim is undocumented. There is no published list. I have been wading through the JAF record files for four years now, and can find no evidence of the claim. And there is no published list to cite.
            I would suggest that you do your own research regarding classes. My error was the displacement, the dividing line is 1.6 liter. The three classes were: Below 1.6 liter 4 door. 2. GT or 2 door. 3. Above 1.6 liter four door. If you have additional information or details, cite it.
            The competitive classes were the below 1.6 liter, as evident by the potent engines developed by Toyota, Isuzu, Hino, Honda, etc. The fact is that the sub 1.6 liter classes scored more overall victories than the over 1.6 liter class. The poor front suspension design and slow low end acceleration of the Skyline guaranteed a victory for the smaller displacement cars with double wishbone suspension on any track without excessive straightaways.
            The 60’s Skyline was no Godzilla. The 90’s Skyline was no Godzilla. And the current Skyline is no Godzilla. Competent and competitive, yes, but not undefeated or invincible. The rest of the cars fielded by the other manufacturers won their share, deserve just as much respect and attention, and no one raises the reputation of the Nissan car by belittling the cars it raced against and both won _and_ lost to.

  18. Tofuik says:

    Is there a way to order a few just incase they don’t grace our local shelves?

    • Ben says:

      We’ll look into that.

    • KPGC10-001218 says:

      To JT191:
      “Fan boy answer”? Oh dear, you really are trying hard aren’t you….
      I’m afraid you left all credibility behind when you wrote that Nissan “copied” the ‘GT’ acronym ( you think NOBODY had ever used that before? ). You also seem to be quite sure as to when Isuzu “set down” ( this meaning what exactly? ) the “specs” for the Bellett GT-R, but what kind of industrial espionage did you take part in to establish without doubt that Nissan ( or even PMC ) had not thought of any of that before Isuzu? What counts is when it hit the public and the press first, and that even counts for superannuated Bridgestone mopeds…
      What’s this nonsense about the 50 victories for the GT-R marque being “undocumented”? You think these ( again I point out, MORE THAN ) 50 victories were races run in secret? If you can’t spot them on the JAF site then I’m certainly not going to lead you by the hand to them, but the victories ( and the odd “loss” in between too…. ) were well documented in the Japanese press of the time, of which I have a very comprehensive collection. Published ( yes, documented ) in Nissan’s own publicity and sales promotion material of the period – even before the famous 50th win had been attained. I’m afraid if you deny this then you deny yourself any credibility whatsover.
      You admit you fluffed the data about race classes, but then tell me I need to do “my own research”? Ha ha! IN-credible…..
      Your comments about “Godzilla” ( in the Australian vernacular, not Japanese ) of the 90’s are proof of the pudding I’m afraid. The Group A BNR32 – in a little bit of history repeating itself – dominated Japanese domestic Gr.A racing for three years, and AGAIN because none of the other domestic manufacturers had an answer for it. I know this because I was personally present at many of the races, so please don’t whine about this too being “undocumented”.
      Personally I’ve always been an Isuzu fan ( maybe not quite a “fan boy”, admittedly ) because I appreciated their valiant efforts in Japanese sports car racing and their gumption in building cars with a sporting heart like the Bellett GT and GT-R before economics and big industry gobbled them up, but you’re enough to drive me in the opposite direction.
      Come on, start a THREAD and let’s see how much you REALLY ( don’t? ) know! I’ll give you “DOCUMENTATION”……! LOL.
      Makes me laugh really. This blog entry is about a C10 GTX Hot Wheels model which is dressed up as a pastiche of a works KPGC10 race car, and which has got to be the ultimate mirror-facing-mirror type endless refraction worthy of artist M.C.Escher…

      • JT191 says:

        If Alan were to find himself defending Honda Civics, he would already have gone into a chorus of how the Civic engine is the same as the Mugen built F1 engine…
        Nissan wasn’t the first Japanese car maker to use GT, GTX or GTR. That’s a fact you can;t squirm out from under. Their direct competition, the company they were consistently loosing to, was the first to use those designations. Draw your own conclusions, but to the rest of us it is obvious.
        I still see no list of supposed victories. Dates and places would be nice. You cite the same myth repeated so often that many who have not researched it confuse the myth for fact. Is this the appropriate point to state “Put up or shut up”? Well, it fits the situation.
        The BNR32 raced against the Siera and the BMW M3. One had one less camshaft, the other had two less pistons. Finding a class to race unopposed is not the basis of a reputation for excellence or achievement. Perhaps you would like to start prize fighting against some kinder gardeners. Then you could be champion too.
        Start a thread? Use the search button:

        • RotaryRocket says:

          It’s just a toy car, you knuckleheads

        • KPGC10-001218 says:

          Well I have to admit, that settles it. You win. I’ve just got no answer for “prize fighting against kinder gardeners”, it’s too clever. You’re like the Charlie Parker of words, man. You’re on some higher plane. I know when I’m beat.

          I’m scuttlinmg off with my tail between my legs to find out which one out of the Sierra Cosworth and BMW M3 only had one camshaft. I may be some time….

          • JT191 says:

            Still no sign of that fictitious list of 50 victories.
            Problem being that there are conspicuous losses by Skylines in the middle of the list, like August 9-10, 1969, the 12 Hour at Suzuka, the top Skyline GTR finishes seventh behind Bellett GTX, Toyota 1600GT, Toyota Publica, Bluebird SSS, Bellett GT, and Mazda Rotary Coupe, in that order.
            Repeat the same lie over and over, everyone without a grain of skepticism believes, but one skeptic reveals the truth and the house of cards falls.
            Note the specific citation of race dates and places, kindly provide similar documentation of the 50 victory myth.

  19. Jun says:

    Buy ’em up! 😀

    • KPGC10-001218 says:

      JT191, have you considered the possibility that it was only YOU who believed the GT-R’s ( over! ) 50 wins were being claimed as CONSECUTIVE? In fact, Nissan claimed nothing of the sort and did not seek to hide any defeat, however rare it may have been. In fact, the odd in-class defeat served to ramp up the pressure and they used it in their publicity campaign.
      Nor did anyone – except perhaps people who don’t QUITE know what they are talking about – ever claim that the GT-R’s victories were all OVERALL race victories.. With some of the races that the works cars were taking part in – including running against pure sport prototypes – there was very little chance of them taking overall wins, although they DID win a few races against exotica. I don’t know where you got the idea that these wins were all overall honours, but it does serve to show how little familiarity you appear to have with the subject, even after your claimed “four years” of research…
      I visited ‘your’ linked thread, but it’s about Isuzus. I invited you to start a thread on the main topic that you seem to have a bee in your bonnet about HERE, namely that the GT-R’s famous “50 wins” never happened. Once again, I invite you to start a thread ON THAT TOPIC in the General Discussion section, or on the Datsun / Nissan forum. Unless you want me to cut & paste your comments from here and start the new thread for you?
      Nobody can post any evidence HERE, so it’s pointless. If you’re going to follow this through properly, then make a dedicated thread or I’ll do it for you.

      • JT191 says:

        Inside Japan, the claim of fifty victories, consecutive or otherwise by Nissan is considered to be a joke, as is the content of the quote provided. It is recognized to be a false claim that has no basis in fact.
        You have apparently realized this, because you have not pasted a list or cited a web page with this list.
        The link to the racing history discussion covered this topic at length.
        The link and my commentary also cited exact dates and places of races. You have not and apparently can not, do the same, because it is impossible to prove the lie.

        • KPGC10-001218 says:

          JT191, I told you – MAKE A NEW THREAD. Really, what’s so difficult to understand about that? Neither of us can support our sides of the discussion properly whilst posting responses to a JNC blog entry, can we?
          So, START A NEW THREAD ( NOT in the Isuzu section, as it’s not an Isizu problem! ) and I will give you a list, I will give you supporting evidence and I will pull apart your silly ranting with some plain common sense, sound facts and GOOD MANNERS.
          If you haven’t created a new thread 10 hours from now I will make one for you, and I will cut and paste all your comments from this blog in order to do so.
          Go to it.

          • JT191 says:

            You haven’t managed to paste your list of fifty victories, it is doubtable you could paste anything at all.
            It’s already been said, put up or shut up. If you don’t have your documentation to back your claim, you don;t have a valid claim.

  20. ewokracing says:

    that’s brilliant.

  21. Dustin says:


  22. Killua says:

    I’l definitely buy one if I ever get to see it in my country!

    Is that the only color available?

  23. CONGRATULATIONS you guys! I can’t wait to get like 4 or 5 of these! I can’t wait to see what Ricky Silverio is going to do with the ones HE buys!

  24. J.A.C.K says:

    man, i’ll cop one or 3 of these. you should sell them in the jnc store!

  25. _John says:

    How awesome is it that you got your logo on the side of the car? Congrats on that! Can’t wait for these to come out. I never was a toy car collector until the 510s came out but now I have quite a few toy cars and won’t mind adding more.

  26. retrokid says:

    The Hakosuka and the Mazda RX3 are often mentioned in the same breath soooo…..

    (subtle hint to Jun Imai)..

  27. Drive510 says:


    I’m sold.

  28. Tyler says:

    This is way too AWESOME to even express. I bought multiples of each color of 510, and definitely will pick up as many hako’s, probably more! Great job, guys. I can’t say that enough. It’s a fantastic leap forward for the “scene”, for JNC and for Hot Wheels. I’ll be reposting this elsewhere to help spread the Word!

    • Ben says:

      Thanks, Tyler!! Let us know if you get positive feedback. We really want this car to SELL OUT so Hot Wheels will make more!

  29. 4AGE KE70 says:

    Cool KPGC10!! Wish it hit stores in Brunei. I wish for it. 🙂

  30. 4AGE KE70 says:

    Why is the decal isn’t PMC-S?

  31. got-rice says:

    I’ve played with Hot Wheels as a kid, and started collecting them again not too long ago. The typical HW collector seems to favor Detroit rides like muscle since many are older and grew up during the 60’s. The 240Z is becoming a favorite casting also, and there is a Treasure Hunt version that should be in the cases coming sometime next month in the BRE colors.

    • Nigel says:

      Now, can you imagine if they take some of the old Matchbox castings and make them Hot Wheels.
      (Been wanting to see that since I was eight.)

      • got-rice says:

        I don’t recall them having that many Japanese cars in there. I remember having the old Celica Supra and MR2, of which HW also had. In the 90’s, they had the Z, RX7 and Supra, and all those are worth decent cash now, wish I was still into them then, because at that point, I outgrown toy cars and was into video games.

        But yeah, I still have a white AW11 MR2 with pace car decals in my MB collection.

  32. TE278U says:

    Awesome, I loved the imai 86, the 510s, and now I get to play with the hako!!!

    it’s so good to see that the j-nostalgics are getting some love from hotwheels.

    I would like to see TE27, RX3, 1600GT Celica, 2000GT Celica, plus many more.

    good work Mattel.

    ps I would support selling these direct through JNC shop 😉

  33. srfairladyz says:

    I don’t come around for a few months and look what I almost missed!! Amazing! I’m so happy for you guys!

  34. daniel says:

    I interest with the diecast that u post. Can i know whether you supply??

  35. Tyler says:

    They’re popping up on Ebay! Only a matter of time until we can get em on the shelves!

  36. got-rice says:

    Skip eBay…I got my 5 Skylines, along with my Treasure Hunt 240Z from Toys R Us last week. For you JDM fans, hit TRU first. I’m not sure if Walmart or Target has them yet, but TRU should have them for sure, unless they were cleaned out already.

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