Hot Wheels selects AE86 Corolla to represent the 80s in “Cars of the Decades”

Hot Wheels‘ “Cars of the Decades” is a special edition series that selects one iconic model to exemplify the decade in which it was born. Each car comes in special packaging and paint schemes reflecting that period — flower power for the 60s, art deco for the 40s. Cars like the ’32 Ford, ’57 T-Bird and ’67 Camaro have embodied their respective eras, but next year the Toyota AE86 Corolla will represent the 80s.

With so much attention going to the neo-hachiroku, it’s good to see the car that started it all get immortalized in this series. But there’s one catch — Cars of the Decades will only be available at Wal-Mart so, um, get your pepper spray ready.


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18 Responses to Hot Wheels selects AE86 Corolla to represent the 80s in “Cars of the Decades”

  1. Manuel Roman says:

    omg!! i want it!!! i have the McLaren already. it will totally complete my collection

  2. $EX¥_HAMMER says:

    needs black limited paint scheme!

    hot wheels is now bankrupting my toy/model budget. sure the cars are only like a buck themselves, but then you have to factor in buying at least 2 of each car, getting at least one $8 can of paint for each car, another car or two to rob the “good” wheels from, and multiply that by however many “cool” cars they come out with. thanks to Jun it will probably be a lot!

    and Jun, if you are reading this: THANKS for the Toyota love! hope to see some more cool Toyotas in the lineup soon. possibly a 2000gt, a60 and a70 Supra, Starlet, first-gen Celica (coupe, NOT fastback please!), and I know this is a longshot, but a Cressida would be awesome.

  3. $EX¥_HAMMER says:

    wow, ben you’re right. but at $10-$20 on eBay and as rare as they are I’d hate to mess with it. maybe this should be a re-release!

  4. cesariojpn says:

    The wheels are fugly. Is the only option for tires nowadays “Donk?”

    • Steve Endo says:

      Yeah; too bad you can’t buy separately the wheels with rubber tires that are installed on their higher end models such as the BRE 510. Or can you? I would hate to cannabalize perfectly good BRE 510’s just for the wheels/tires…

      • Tyler says:

        lol, when it costs as much as a bag of Doritos I don’t think we should be too concerned about ruining it. Just buy some spare wheels off Ebay and slam the BRE to the ground. Bam, both problems solved!

  5. Nigel says:

    This is one that has been out before, with smaller wheels.
    (With a “tuner type” paint job).

  6. buzzin says:

    I want an SA22c
    I had one when I was a little guy, it was a matchbox version
    the black two tone series 3 (in link), I would prefer a series 1 though.

  7. Tyler says:

    Still waiting for a non-garish paint job on these. I’ve seen them in 5-packs but they’ve always got some Fast and Furious graphics.

  8. ra21benj says:

    I like the Hachiroku’s TRD inspired paint scheme. Would it be possible to have it with the Hokosuka 2000GT-X’s gun metal 5 stars wheels? It’s great this car is representing the 80’s.

  9. yhl says:

    smaller wheels please!! 🙂

  10. Drew3x says:

    I have a couple of these in older paint schemes. Both look like they were graffiti-art though.
    I have several of the bluebirds now.
    But my favorite hotwheel ever is the pikes peak celica.
    Nice to see some j-tin representing the 80s

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