Hot Wheels Kenmeri Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R & Vintage Racing BRE Datsun 510 Bluebird

Hot Wheels
is on a tear these days, adding Japanese classics to their lineup as quickly as the diecast cars will speed down an orange track. We were thrilled to be part of the hakosuka Nissan Skyline 2000GT-X (which is showing up in stores now!) but that’s not all. You’ll also find a kenmeri Nissan Skyline GT-R and BRE Datsun 510 Bluebird on the pegs later this year. Once again the folks at Mattel have generously allowed us to share the first ever published photos of these cars with JNC readers.

The designer of all three nostalgics is Jun Imai, whom we met up with recently at the Eagle Rock Datsun swap meet. He brought out prototypes of the kenmeri and BRE 510 for us to see and we are proud to report they look every bit as incredible as the hako in person. These photos do not do them justice.

As we’ve mentioned, the kenmeri will be part of the 2011 First Editions lineup. That means they will be available anywhere Hot Wheels are sold and cost around one dollar. Unlike the hako, the kenmeri will be a street version, as the KPGC110 GT-R was never raced due to increased emissions controls and oil shortages. The car is a beautiful gloss white with bolt-on fender flares, highly detailed afterburner taillights, and a killer stance on gold wheels.

As we reported, John Morton‘s Datsun 510 is part of Hot Wheels’ new Vintage Racing lineup. This is a premium collector’s series that costs $4-5, but it’s worth it because the cars have metal chassis, rubber tires, and tons of detail. Mr. Imai is actually responsible for the rest of the Vintage Racing lineup too, which contains awesome cars like a ’65 Ford Galaxie stock car and Trans-Am 1970 Boss 302 Mustangs.

The kenmeri will be out late summer and the BRE 510 is expected to hit shelves in September, so keep your eyes peeled. 2011 is going to be a great year for vintage Japanese icons!

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25 Responses to Hot Wheels Kenmeri Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R & Vintage Racing BRE Datsun 510 Bluebird

  1. banpei says:

    Definite want! And actually want two of them: one for me and one for my three year old son! 🙂

  2. Drive510 says:

    I’ve been going to Walmart every other day almost and still nothing. I guess I’ll have to order online at 5 X the cost =(

    • E-AT_me says:

      i’m in the same boat as you… every week.. 🙁

    • DavidR says:

      Toy r us

      • E-AT_me says:

        not where i live.. they ain’t got squat!

        • David says:

          Damn, there must be some high levels of collectors in your area. You might want to trying getting up early I know by the time I get to the toy r us in my area they’re completely raided I was hoping to get treasure hunt 240…gone.are you looking for the hako?

          • E-AT_me says:

            yeah, the hako. i live in a very “country” area, though, so i’d be surprised if people actually wanted them..

          • DavidR says:

            dude if you want i can ship on to you. everywhere i go there is always a hako starring at me.

          • DavidR says:

            *sorry mistake “…ship you one” i dont have an account on here so we’re going to have to figure something outside of this forum. oh no charge too. serious. i’m tired of ppl selling this little gems for an arm and a leg on the internet.

  3. Tyler says:

    Someone on my forum found a hako but the local Target hasn’t restocked their shelves in a long time. I can’t wait for these to get out. And then the RX3 and maybe a Celica!

    I’ll probably buy three of each. At least.

  4. Brownie says:

    thanks for the reminder to check the HW shelves for any of these…

  5. Nigel says:

    The C110 looks ready for some “customization”.
    (I’ll take three of each).

  6. LTDScott says:

    So funny that HW is out Tomica-ing Tomica, even though they’re sold in the US again.

  7. Koich says:

    I’ve been searching the local Target too, but they haven’t restocked their shelves with anything new in a long time. Ended up spontaneously buying a Schwinn beach cruiser instead. lol

  8. DavidR says:

    ive got 3!! of the GT-X:P i can not wait for the others then i’ll probably stop collecting unless you guys post more good news:)

  9. Killua says:

    A couple of days ago I went to look for the KGC10 in a quick visit to a supermarket, but it wasn’t there, so I bought a yellow 510 instead, haha (It was the last one! :D).

    I guess it will take a while for the Hakosuka to get into my country…

  10. retrokid says:

    Hi Jun… hehehe…

  11. Jun says:

    Phew, I’m glad I polished my roof that morning!

  12. got-rice says:

    want want want

    For those guys who are still looking for the Hakos but missed the boat at Toys R Us, You should check Walmart. Target’s been on a drought lately, but you never know when they will get a restock of the case with the 240Z and Hako.

  13. JPR says:

    Just found 3 of the Hakos at Walmart in StL tonight. Pretty sure I bought the last 3 they had.

  14. Kevin Goody says:

    to all of those who are looking for the hakosuka i have some advise go trolling the toy aisle at your local grocery store i found my hako at smart foods you may be paying a bit more but in the long run its worth it

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