MINICARS: At long last, a fifth-gen Honda Prelude is coming to Hot Wheels

The fifth-generation Honda Prelude was a phenomenal car, but until now it was nearly impossible to find one in diecast form. It wasn’t a popular car in Japan and thus doesn’t really exist in diecast form there, and when it was the new new the mainstream American-based diecast companies weren’t terribly interested in Japanese castings. Now, at long last, there is one coming to Hot Wheels.

Back in the day, the only way to get a 1:64 Honda Prelude was to fly to Japan, go to a toy store, find your way not to the model cars section but to the action figure aisle, and scan the pegs for the Machine Zellet. That’s because in one incarnation of the Ultraman series, a Honda Prelude was used as a hero car.

Unfortunately, that also meant the toy was cast with bolt-on fender flares, odd body moldings, a ridiculous XR4Ti-style spoiler, and a roof-mounted cannon. Coincidentally, it was actually branded a Hot Wheels, but was a collab with Bandai and never officially sold in the US. I felt this pain because at the time I owned a BB6 Prelude and wanted nothing more than to find a Hot Wheels version.

Now, some 15 years later, thanks to Hot Wheels and designer Ryu Asada, a fifth-gen Prelude is finally in the works, and we ‘Lude dudes can finally celebrate with abandon. So far, all we have to see is a 3D-printed prototype, but you can already see that the detail and proportioning is classic Ryu Asada style, and translates the look of the real car perfectly.

Eagle eyed viewers will notice that this is a JDM model, with RHD and a rear wiper, which was a Japanese option never offered on US cars. The fitment of the small-sized wheels is perfect, and as usual Ryu did an excellent job making the Honda emblem bas relief. Even the door handles have been expertly molded. Lastly, the headlights are cast in translucent plastic as part of the window piece, giving the Prelude’s iconic headlights proper treatment.

The Prelude will appear in the 2020 lineup, but later in the year as it is still in the prototype stages. Honda’s swan song Prelude deserves to be memorialized as a diecast in its purest form. This is a wonderful way to do it. Take that, Ultraman!

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13 Responses to MINICARS: At long last, a fifth-gen Honda Prelude is coming to Hot Wheels

  1. DH says:

    “It wasn’t a popular car in Japan and thus really exist in diecast form there, and when it was the new new the mainstream American-based diecast companies weren’t terribly interested in Japanese castings.”

    Probably some accidental copy and paste there, but I am genuinely curious as to what was being said here. Likewise excited about the Prelude!

  2. Conor says:

    I found the ultra man one in bookoff afew years ago:D. Keen for one without all the off add-ons tho haha

  3. Lindsay says:

    My first car was a 2001 Honda Prelude that I got in 2007 from my grandfather, who was no longer able to drive. I have no idea why someone that old had a Prelude though… there was never an explanation! All of his other cars before that were Cadillacs or Buicks.

  4. Cho says:

    Cool,but liked and drove the 4 gen Prelude myself. I also miss the one from the late 80’s

  5. Nancy says:

    The color choice for that hot wheel is not my color of choice mother of pearl

  6. goivtec says:

    Is the roof shark fin from the JDM? I don’t recall much of anything with a shark fin in 1997. I’ve long had the ultraman prelude. I haven’t been impressed with hotwheels quality since Malaysia decades ago. I didn’t care at all for the Hondacura NSX and Hondacura Integra 1/64s

  7. Nomi says:

    Where can I get one? eBay has them all shipping from Malaysia….

  8. Killuminati410 says:

    Hey, i gotta hot wheels collection of honda/acura 200+ yet i own a 97 prelude and you wanna know how many Preludes i have? 0, ZERO! Smh help me out here, i have many doubles+ and $. Oh, the $ got attention… Hit me up at hondatic410 at hawt mail Thanx 4 your time.

  9. 99Lude says:

    I contacted Hotwheels regarding the shark fin. you can’t see it on this here, but there is a rear wiper. The “shark fin” is supposed to be the washer nozzle. Although the size is a bit exaggerated.

  10. William Wisbeck says:

    I love the Honda Prelude since I was a child and saw it entering the Mall’s park and parading around the city.
    I had one from 4th generation (diecast model in metalic dark green color, with black windows, probably not at interior, and something like some black letters painted over the hood, very simple but special) and I gave it to a friend a couple years ago.
    Years passed but the passion for that 2.2 liter (aspirated) engine with 190HP with rear wheels drive car only increased after I drove the real car even though I gave the diecast model to a friend.
    Today I can pay hundreds dollars in a new diecast model like that. For me the 4th generation was the most beautiful Prelude made ever.

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