MINICARS: There’s a Hot Wheels EG Honda Civic coming too

The Hot Wheels Honda hits just keep on coming. The latest diecast incarnation of a quintessential 90s Honda is the EG Civic hatch, a tuner favorite and yet another Japanese icon that was incredibly difficult to come by in miniature form.

We’ve mentioned the trials and tribulations required to find a fifth-generation Honda Prelude in 1:64 scale, but it was understandable because the Prelude wasn’t as common or popular as some other cars of the Tuner Era. However, the EG Civic was everywhere, which makes its absence in diecast form all the more puzzling.

Perhaps it was the difficulty in getting the proportions right. “Trying to scale it down wasn’t easy,” Hot Wheels designer Ryu Asada told us. “I didn’t want to tweak it as much as I did with the EF, but had to a bit due to the wheel sizes.” Ryu did manage to capture the lines and essence of the EG hatch quite beautifully, though, complete with front lip spoiler and mudflaps cast into the chassis.

The EG will appear in 2020 as a premium casting with metal chassis, part of an entertainment line based on the Fast and Furious movies. Only eagle eyed viewers may remember the yellow Spoon Civic appearing in a brief funeral scene. For those who want to rip them down some orange track, fear not. Though Mattel cannot officially say yes or no yet, it’s a pretty safe bet it will probably make its way to the mainline with a plastic base.


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2 Responses to MINICARS: There’s a Hot Wheels EG Honda Civic coming too

  1. Alan says:

    And it’s a Spoon-tuned pillar-less hardtop son!

  2. JEM Moto says:

    ? This is an absolute honor. My #EG as a Hot Wheel. I had tears of joy all weekend. I was in absolute shock when this was announced at this years Los Angeles Hot Wheels Convention on Saturday night during the sneak peek portion in the main hall. Fyi, this is the EG modelled after the seen in the #FastFranchise. most notably during Michelle Rodriguez character’s , Letty’s, funeral scene in #Fast4 . with a sharp eye, you’ll also see it during race wars, the 1st big 4 car race in #FnF #1, at hector’s hang out ” el gato negro”, etc. Fun film facts : Although the EG never played any major rolls in the film, it’s the only single vehicle that has been spotted in more than 3 of the films throughout the franchise. (It’s much like playing, Find Waldo ?). Just one of the perks of being a car supplier to the franchise since 1999. The car was actually short changed in the 1st #TheFastAndTheFurious film as a few scenes ended up in the cutting room floor. It was originally casted as part of Hector’s crew & is made reference to in the film. ” Spoon engines ” & “Spoon Civic Hatchback”. ?
    I am a long time supporter of JNC & am one of your earlier subscribers. I met Ben yeeears ago at an NRH car show as we disussed my motul/mugen 3rd gen civic hatchback build. My #Spoon certified EG was on display at that event.
    Thanks to everyone for making this happen. designer Ryu is the man!!! …btw, anyone have a pic of the card art that was announced at the convention? all i have is a photo of the announcement screen on stage.
    Thanks JNC! I knew I’d somehow make it to you guys. ?

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