MINICARS: So Hot Wheels went and made a dekotora…

Hot Wheels Mad Manga Galactic Express 03

Normally even the most hard core Hot Wheels collectors are happy to pass the tractor trailer sets onto their kids, but fans of Japanese steel are going to want to keep their eyes peeled for the latest rig. Because Hot Wheels has gone and done the unthinkable — it has made a dekotora

Hot Wheels Mad Manga Galactic Express 01

That’s right, folks: Japan’s outrageous tradition of trucking excess has crossed the Pacific and made its way into the most American of children’s toys. Though it is never officially described as a dekotora — Mattel chooses to call it the Galactic Express — a “decoration truck” is clearly what it is.

Hot Wheels Mad Manga Galactic Express 08Hot Wheels Mad Manga Galactic Express 04

Check out the front deck massive front bumper, front deck above the cab, and jutting C-shaped side mirrors — all hallmarks of the dekotora. There’s excessive amounts of chrome,and even a Hokusai wave mural on the trailer

Hot Wheels Mad Manga Galactic Express 07

And if there was any doubt, the regular Hot Wheels car that it comes paired with is the bosozoku-inspired Mad Manga, a car we were equally stunned by when it debuted in 2011. It’s even painted in the original colors of the original 2011 release.

Hot Wheels Mad Manga Galactic Express 02

In fact, the going price for a first edition Mad Manga retails for about $30 nowadays. That makes the Galactic Express set, which retails for about $7, an absolute steal. Plus, this is one for the true JDM enthusiast. Since it’s not a licensed OEM model, the speculators and scalpers have yet to catch on, but that won’t last forever. Consider this your notice. Now go find one while you can.

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11 Responses to MINICARS: So Hot Wheels went and made a dekotora…

  1. Ant says:

    I’ve already missed out on the Japan Classics series, judging by all the sold-out online stores. But I may try and get in early on this one…

    • Jon says:

      You mean Japan Historics? No you haven’t. It only JUST came out. Your best bet is to order a case though. I pre ordered in Feb and got it last week.

      I ran out and got this truck the day after I saw it on Lamleygroup.

  2. Dandy says:

    Need. Want. Must have. And the color scheme works sooo well. I will gladly pay $7. Even $7.99! I most likely will get one for the desk and one for the collector’s shelf! It would be great to see them do more of these in different colors and murals; maybe even a sweet neo-retro JNC version!

  3. Nigel says:

    Nice, I will watch for these !!

  4. Danny says:

    I got mine already!

  5. goodshow_aa says:

    wont last forever with people sharing this info. Such a double edge sword this hobby known as hotwheels is. Tell people online greatly reduce your chance of finding it in the store, but it seems that if hype is not created Mattel will not continue to make it unless it is a lame unlicensed model like the nitro door slammer that is becoming a super. or various other glow in the dark cars.

  6. Michael says:

    The purple Mad Manga is the only one I’m missing so getting it with the truck will make up for not having one individually.

  7. Dylan says:

    Found one today and snatched it up real quick! I’m (re)starting my hot wheels collection and this is a great addition. Now to hunt down some Japanese Historics..

  8. blue72 says:

    Picked one up this weekend. Thinking now that perhaps I should have grabbed the other 4 that were on the rack with it.

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