Hot Wheels Datsun 240Z Treasure Hunt

It seems we’ve got some exciting news from Hot Wheels every week now. Mattel‘s diecast toy line is really firing on all cylinders with cool nostalgics that JNC readers will love. Now you can park this Datsun 240Z next to your JNC-logo’ed Hot Wheels hakosuka.

Although the S30 has been around the Hot Wheels lineup in several iterations already, the upcoming red and white paint scheme is truly special. Somehow, it manages to evoke famous racing Z-cars from opposite sides of the Pacific — Peter Brock‘s BRE 240Z from the US, and Haruhito Yanagida‘s fearsome 240ZG from Japan.

This one will be a bit harder to find than the other, however, because it’s part of the Treasure Hunt series. For the uninitiated, each year Mattel chooses a dozen or so  castings, gives them special paint jobs and wheels, and produces them in very limited numbers. They are highly sought after by collectors, and usually disappear of the shelves pretty quickly. That’s probably why they call it a Treasure Hunt. We post this at great risk of not being able to get any for ourselves, but that’s how much we love you guys. Happy hunting!

NOTE: The 240Z is probably hitting the shelves right now. The hakosuka Skyline will be available at the end of June. There isn’t an ETA on the kenmeri Skyline yet.

[Images: Hot Wheels Collectors]

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15 Responses to Hot Wheels Datsun 240Z Treasure Hunt

  1. E-AT_me says:

    i still haven’t been able to find either skylines yet.. 🙁 and i’m at walmart EVERY monday..

    • Ben says:

      The hakosuka will be out at the end of June. The kenmeri later. No ETA from Mattel yet. This Z should be the first one of the three available… if you can find it.

  2. Nigel says:

    Keep looking, I have not seen any here in Canada yet either.

  3. _John says:

    I’ll probably have to buy one of these from eBay. I’ve only ever found 1 treasure hunt car and that was because they had the boxes out and were getting ready to restock the shelves.

  4. zulu says:

    everything is freaking datsuns -___-

  5. retrokid says:

    Paging Jun Imai:

    Mazda RX3.

    I won’t stop reminding…. Hahahaha….

  6. DavidR. says:

    man i probably already missed this.

  7. Drive-By says:

    Got my boy the anniversary Haku and the 510, want a set for myself now haha

  8. Drive510 says:

    I think you can already buy die-cast cars from the BRE website that cost about 30X more. It’s not Hot Wheels but still cool. I’m still collecting Hot Wheels though. Can’t wait to pick up a few of these at my retailer.

  9. got-rice says:

    Most Toys R Us stores just got brand new shipper Mix M cases with the 240Z and Skyline this week. Obviously, these were hunted by collectors because the 240Z is a Treasure Hunt…so likely, these are gone but you never know if you keep checking your local Target, Walmart, Kmart, etc. I got lucky and got to TRU in time, though one guy already got 4 of them, and was nice to give me one of his for me to buy.

    Finding the Hakosuka should be no problem just like the 510; most collectors will say they will become pegwarmers, meaning that they should be sitting there and not be hard to find, but the first 510s and 240Zs are now more desirable and have gone up in price, so get the Hakos while you can before someone hordes them and resells them later.

    If you want the BRE colored 240Z, you have to “hunt” (that’s why they’re called Treasure Hunt)…there are two variations, the Regular which you see above, and the one called the Super Treasure Hunt, which has a darker red paint job, and obviously worth more to collectors because it’s a tad harder to find than the regular TH.

  10. Andrew says:

    i found this Z, the same day i bought 4 hakosukas 😀 LUCKY?? id like to thinks so 😉

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