Hondas for Guys & Girls

Continuing on the theme of youthful, frolicking couples in nostalgic automotive ads, here’s a 1960s Honda print ad featuring products for “Guys & Girls” — a Honda N360 and E300 portable generator for camping families, and a Monkey Z50M on which you can ride creepily through the wood stalking said family.

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3 Responses to Hondas for Guys & Girls

  1. Adam says:

    Ha, I love this ad, ‘for guys and girls’.. Ace advertisement. I am actually quite a big fan of classic Hondas. I have a 1972 Civic that needs a bit of work doing to it. Do you have a section for advice on restoring old models? I want to plan a road trip and ‘frollic’ this summer too! Also has anyone got any tips on what kind of insurance I would need? I.e kit car or Classic car insurance? I have spoken to a few people but everyone has been quite useless really. Thanks. great website, it is definitely getting bookmarked.

  2. Tyler says:

    Sweet! I wonder if this is painted in gouache.

    Funny how if the tree were gone and the guy were waving to them it would not be creepy at all. Details!

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