Honda S800 & S2000 Rendezvous

How about a nice Honda screensaver, illustrated by master automotive artist Bow? It’s called “Dream,” a charming little story in which a vintage S800 has a coastal rendezvous with a new S2000. Unfortunately the S-car lineage has just ended for the second time, but Honda is great at drawing the historical connection for its loyal Japanese customers. Hopefully it’ll return when the economy recovers. “Dream” is available at Honda’s website for Windows PCs and Macs.

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2 Responses to Honda S800 & S2000 Rendezvous

  1. Dan says:

    YES! I’ve been looking for a good screensaver for the longest time!

  2. Killer Pickle says:

    This is awesome! The art work is really quite nice. The only problem is that the story is in Japanese and I can’t read it 🙁

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