Honda S660 extends final production run, for the fans

It’s always good to hear a story about a carmaker doing something for the fans. Honda announced that sad news back in March that production of the S660 roadster would be coming to a close. That led to a spike in S660 purchases, causing it to be sold out much sooner than even Honda had expected. As a result, Honda says it has decided to extend S660 production so more fans can grab one before they’re gone for good.

To be clear, production end is still scheduled for March 2022. However, Honda will be building 650 more units than planned. The company says it received a lot of requests from customers who wished to buy one but weren’t able to, and is therefore accommodating them. That’s doing a pretty big solid for the fans, considering the fact that most of the time such requests get completely ignored.

Of the extra supply, 600 will be sold at dealers and the remaining 50 will be sold via a lottery system. That implies there are more than 650 people who wanted to buy one. It’s a shame that they couldn’t extend it to 660, which would’ve been a perfect send off to the S660’s eight-year run. In fact, Response asked that exact question, and got the reply that Honda simply didn’t have enough parts left to build the additional 10 units.

Honda is discontinuing the S660, a successor to the S500, S600, S800 and S2000, due to stricter safety regulations. In Japan, new cars are required to have automatic braking in thee event the car is about to strike another vehicle or pedestrian. Honda says adding sensors would change the identity of the car. It’s possible that means Honda would’ve been forced to remove the manual transmission option, but the company didn’t clarify.

Honda was offering a special edition Version Z, a trim level so named as a homage to the final Beat. However, it doesn’t appear that the extended 650 cars will come in this trim level. Instead, it’ll simply come in the standard α and β trim levels. It’s sad to see the S660 go, as it was a surprisingly spacious and truly enjoyable mid-engined sports car, but times change. If you want to get in on the final final run, you can apply for the lottery on Honda’s website.

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12 Responses to Honda S660 extends final production run, for the fans

  1. Ian N says:

    “Is possible that means Honda would’ve forced Honda to remove the manual transmission option, but the company didn’t clarify.”

    – well I wish YOU would, Ben…..

    I’m confused!


    • Ben Hsu says:

      That was one messed up sentence! It should’ve read, “It’s possible that means Honda would’ve been forced to remove the manual transmission option, but the company didn’t clarify.” Corrected, thanks!

  2. BlitzPig says:

    I wish Honda would make a similar (thought a bit larger) sports car for North America.
    Why does the Home Market get to have all the fun?

  3. CycoPablo says:

    Motoring press were rumoring an S1000 for export markets. If only!

  4. dankan says:

    I wonder if Honda will now revisit the original EV-ster concept that inspired the S660 by maybe using the Honda e battery/motor and then sending it global as a halo car?

    • BlitzPig says:

      I want a proper petrol powered sports car, you know, one that I can actually drive somewhere without trying to find a charging station, and one that I can row my own gears in, and one that doesn’t present a greater environmental impact because it doesn’t have a giant toxic battery under the floor, and that requires buying and processing raw materials from a country that is flatly an enemy to the free world.

      • dankan says:

        Well, such a thing does not exist. All cars have enough batteries and raw materials from questionable locations that an ethical sports car, or any car, does not really exist.

        You’re allowed to want a petrol powered car. I’m not stopping you. But it’s not a crime for me to voice a desire for something other than that as well.

      • Well, there’s always a Cobra kit car.

        (I still want one.)

        • BlitzPig says:

          We have sold two Cobra kit cars for our clients. One was a very well done Superformance powered by a Roush built 351 Windsor that made 435 bhp. A very well executed car, and the best fake Cobra I have driven to date, The other was one of the Shelby “Continuation” 6000 series cars, powered by an FE block 427 side oiler. Frankly it was awful.
          Crudely executed, ill handling, very poor brakes, weak rear spring perches… Nope, just nope.

  5. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    It’s sad when small cars & two doors are becoming rare. I’ve said this before but I hope the eConversion market matures for vintage cars.

  6. The S660 is a brilliant enthusiast’s car designed by brilliant enthusiasts. This is another case of “don’t be sad it’s gone, be glad it was here to begin with”.

    I hope everyone reading this gets to drive one at least once in their life.

    • BlitzPig says:

      I’d love to, but it would be like having a date with a super model. Once it was over, it would be crushing to think about later…

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