Honda S2000 20th prototype shown at Tokyo Auto Salon

Last weekend Honda unveiled its S2000 20th Anniversary at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon. Man, that’s a lot of twos and zeroes. The car exhibited several minor changes, mostly subtle and cosmetic, that kept true to the original design.

Honda says that the car was developed due to feedback from Honda S2000 owners and enthusiasts. The front fascia is updated with a crisp, modern look that includes a large intake opening. The rear adds a small decklid spoiler in black, and a small side strake has been affixed just fore of the rear wheels.

Several “20th Anniversary” emblems and logos showing the car in profile have been added throughout, including on the rear wind deflector, the audio cover, and floormats. Mechanically, there was no mention of engine upgrades, but Honda said the suspension had been modified without going into specifics.

Though this car is a prototype, Honda says that there are eight total that will be released to the public as part of a 20th Anniversary product lineup. Honda says the theme of the car was “Connecting Generations.”

Honda says it would like people shopping for a an enthusiast’s car to know that it still produces many parts for the S2000. Recently, during an interview with the Beat Parts team, Honda said that they intended to continue to supply a high number of repair parts for the S2000 for a long time to come, to keep the loyal owners happy and the cars on the road.

Images courtesy of Honda.

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9 Responses to Honda S2000 20th prototype shown at Tokyo Auto Salon

  1. BlitzPig says:

    How about a regular production new sports car? An S660 like car upscaled for North America and Europe? Something, anything, other than the lackluster lineup of enthusiast cars now available for your US customers. it may come as a shock Honda, but there are still a lot of us out here that DON”T WANT ANOTHER SUV.

  2. Ian says:

    What prototype? It’s the same car. Is no one else seeing this? Maybe the front fascia is slightly different and there is a big screen in the dash but this is the same as the last S2000

  3. Randy Magnum says:

    This car represents everything that is wrong with Honda, it is a popular car that Honda killed and did not replace despite the calls for another S2000. Instead of giving us a car they actually designed, they literally took the existing car slapped some fresh aesthetic kit on it and called it a day.

    Sure the car was phenomenal but this feels like Honda is just rolling over any saying “that’s it, we give up. We officially admit that we no longer know how to make a properly good road car that can be sold around the world.”

  4. RainMeister says:

    This looks just like the one in my garage. That Honda made hardly any changes after 20 years underscores just how advanced the design was back then, and has stood the test of time. But it also shows just how Honda has lost the courage and capability to be innovative. Look at the new NSX, and just how generic that car is. Honda needs to recover its MOJO.

  5. Mark Welch says:

    I would like to keep my ’01 AP1 rolling for a long time. Why are so many parts for it being discontinued if Honda wants to keep them going for a long time?

  6. Bob says:

    I’m confused- are they building 8 brand new S2000s for this, or are they rebuilding 8 used S2000s?

  7. Brandon says:

    Wow, it even has the old 00-01 carpeted tranny hump instead of the upgraded leather upholstery. I hope at least they used a glass rear window vs the original plastic used in those model years

  8. Mark Welch says:

    So why are so many vital AP1 and AP2 parts being discontinued, Mr. Honda? I would love to keep my 2001 Honda S2000 on the road for many more years.

  9. FS says:

    Who ever parked that car should be fired.

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