Honda Restarts Development of the NSX

Honda heads, rejoice! In Japan today Honda president Takashi Ito announced that the company will renew development of the NSX. The next generation of Honda’s supercar was put on hold as a result of the Lehman Shock (Japanese for Global Financial Crisis) in 2008. However, Ito says that the marketplace has a demand and it is one that “we must answer.” Details are sparse and no release date was given, but with the LFA ant GT-R, we might just have another Japanese supercar renaissance on the horizon. It’s a shame they didn’t announce this at the New Year Meeting.

[Mainichi News]

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9 Responses to Honda Restarts Development of the NSX

  1. Tyler says:

    Woo hoo! Let’s keep it MR

    • Killua says:

      Indeed. I’d say the best way would be lightweight, MR, high-revving 6-cylinder engine and a sleek design. A proper succesor.

  2. Reality Jones says:

    Sorry but Honda has done nothing but talk talk talk and say say say and nothing has been made of interest. Are fanbois that stupid to continue to listen? Everything they said they will do, they didn’t do. All we have is a 122hp CR-Z hybrid and ugly Acuras.

    Shame what they have done to the NSX name.

  3. Pete Arquette says:

    Heard it might be a hybrid?
    ENOUGH with the stupid hybrids all ready!!!! Hydrogen is the answer, and will allow true sports cars to remain gas powered (like Jay Leno said). These hybrids are a fad and should be reserved for things other than sports cars!!!

    • UseMoarGas says:

      Hydrogen? Really? A non-gasoline powered motor for what Honda considers the peak of their engineering abilities? Anything but a high revving naturally aspirated gasoline power plant and the car would loose the reason for being built: To go fast and to do it while costing 30% less than it’s competitors. A turbocharged version would be fine, but NA would set a lightweight MR car off like none other.

  4. Chin says:

    About freakin Time Honda!! with all these High Output cars coming from the likes of Chevy,Nissan and Toyota, I’m glad Honda re caught the performance bug, lets just hope they bring it stateside!!

  5. MR2_FTW says:

    let’s just hope they don’t pull a Toyota by giving it the performance of a $200,000 car, but making it cost twice that in the name of “exclusivity”

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