Tokyo Motor Show: A history of Honda in rap

For the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda released a rap video titled “The Power of Dreams.” We don’t know why, except that it was a collab between Honda and the Japanese rap group Scha Dara Parr, in which they shout out significant products throughout the company’s history.

The first thing to know about Scha Dara Parr is that they are not the kids shown in the video. The group consisting of Bose, Ani, and DJ Shinco dates back to 1988 or so, and appeared on a De La Soul track (in which another Japanese rapper, Takagi Kan, shouts out Toyota and Honda). Also, the group is known to like cars.

Anyway, in this video, the song takes listeners through Honda history, starting with the onomatopoeiac Bata-bata motorized bike, Super Cub, T360, S500, N360, City, Prelude, NR motorcycle, NSX, and more. Peppered in are references to Honda’s many motorsports victories like the Isle of Man TT and their Formula One dominance of the late 80s.

Beyond that, everything from farm equipment to generators to ASIMO to the HondaJet get a shout-out. Honda will be distributing free copies of the song in the Shibuya area of Tokyo from November 1-15, in the form of a classic cassette tape. I no longer own any tape players, except in my 80s cars, but we could not think of any better place to listen to it than the driver’s seat of, say, a third-gen Prelude.

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7 Responses to Tokyo Motor Show: A history of Honda in rap

  1. Monte says:

    Honda critics take note:
    At least they’re compensating in the creative arts =D

  2. Ian N says:

    Got to 1:30, couldn’t watch any more…… Exactly who do Honda think they are advertising to? (i.e.; demographic) ?? That’s definitely going on the weird list.

    • Necromancer says:

      I made it to 2:06…BARELY.

      Now, my joints are seized as I lay in an empty bathtub reevaluating my existence against a backdrop of crimson agony. Briefly I glimpsed an omen of Hell with a Honda emblem scorched upon Beelzebub’s throne of pain…

      That incessant rapping continued…an endless loop of sonic shadow. A dove cried and the willows wept. A abysmal, skeletal prelude to surrendering sound before entering the ground.

      The power of nightmares.

  3. Cesariojpn says:

    Never change Japan.

  4. Clay says:

    And now I read that new Hondas don’t have CD players either!

  5. Angelo says:

    Scha Dara Parr, so classic man.

    Good thing Honda has eyes, and ears for quality content lol~!

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