Acura is seriously considering an NSX Refresh Program for North America

Honda has been offering a factory NSX refresh program in Japan for years. Owners can take their cars in and select from a menu of restoration items, from a deep clean to an engine rebuild. You can even get the car stripped and repainted in a hue from the official palette, and swap out the interior leathers for new colors as well. The program is so popular, the wait list is 12 months long. Also, it’s only available if your car is in Japan. Now, though, Honda is considering bringing the program to the US.

Due to the coronavirus this year’s NSXPO, the annual meeting of the NSX Club of America, was held virtually. During an online presentation, personnel from American Honda talked about the possibility of bringing the NSX Refresh Program stateside (starts at 19:32). Honda is sending out 2,000 questionnaires to NSX owners to gauge interest, and it seems that there is real interest.

In addition, Honda is looking to remanufacture certain parts for the first-gen NSX as well. Based on the presentation, it seems that they are in the process of determining which parts to make. It was also stated that these parts are not going to be exactly identical to the originals, per se. They will be of brand new design, fixing the flaws that caused them to need replacement in the first place and engineered with an eye towards longevity. However, in terms of look and fitment, they will be the same as the original parts they’re replacing.

American Honda is already physically capable of doing this, thanks to the fact that the current NSX is built in Ohio. Honda’s Performance Manufacturing Center already builds the NSX and limited hand-assembled runs of the TLX and MDX called PMC Editions. The only thing holding them back is whether there is enough interest in the refresh program. And, whether people will pony up the cash to get it done, ’cause it ain’t cheap.

According to a preliminary chart shown in the presentation, a brake system refresh with new calipers, rotors, master cylinder, booster, and hoses will cost a $4,500 to $5,400. A complete engine overhaul down to the block will cost anywhere from $22,900 to $23,600. And having the entire exterior disassembled into a body-in-white and repainted will run $36,000 to $38,000. For more, see the presentation video above at the 20:50 mark.

These are hefty price tags, no doubt, but perhaps worth it for the ultimate purist. In any case, it’s great to see Honda and other Japanese carmakers taking their heritage seriously. If you are one of those people, you can contact John Watts, senior manager for the NSX strategy team, at John_Watts at AHM.Acura dot com to participate in the survey.

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8 Responses to Acura is seriously considering an NSX Refresh Program for North America

  1. Mark F Newton-John says:

    Waiting for the comment that someone can do that in LA for less, even though it will not even be close in quality.

  2. Rafael martinez says:

    Need paint, brake sistem and driver seat new leather cover

  3. Anthony says:

    They should do integras too

  4. nlpnt says:

    I wonder if they’ll offer auto-to-manual conversions.

  5. Bernard Carl says:

    I think they should offer factory NSX-R conversions as well. I have an early 1991 that I might consider having subjected to that kind of conversion if it were factory authorized and supervised. Actually, I would probably keep mine original and buy a doner car to use instead.

  6. Pozdrav iz Srbije ????????

    Ja trenutno sredjujem svoju Hondu Accord CH6 Hatchback Motorcode F18B2/2001 .

    Pozdrav Saša

  7. F31Roger says:

    One thing I noticed about the Japanese is the pride of OEM.
    Especially a car like the NSX or Skyline… those cars are what people want to preserve.

    I feel that the Japanese companies should also reach out to loyal brand customers that have older cars.

    So many cars could be saved (maybe they don’t want that) if parts were available for replacement.

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