Here’s your first look at the seventh-generation Nissan Z

Nissan dropped a video this morning that teases its upcoming lineup in a new, post-Ghosn, post-COVID era. Notably, the it provides the first glimpse of what the seventh-generation Z could look like. The rendering of what we’ll call the Z35 confirms two promising things: 1.) That the Z will indeed live on, and 2.) have the S30-inspired looks that that have been rumored.

There is a clear throwback Z logo on the C-pillar, just like the S30 Z. The shape of the rear side glass and the C-pillar itself is also strongly reminiscent of the 1969 original. The squared off rear end has a vertical panel and S30 or Z32-style taillamps.

The proportions appear to be based on Z34’s, lending credence to the theory that it will continue to use Nissan’s existing front-midship platform that has underpinned the 350Z, 370Z, Infiniti G and FX. Finally, there are the abstract cut circle headlamps like that of the IDx, a modern interpretation of the S30’s lights rather than an outright copy of the original sugar scoops.

The teaser video was part of a massive restructuring plan with the goal of achieving by 2023 financial stability, profitability, and — in what feels like a rebuke to Ghosn’s reign — sustainable growth. That means Nissan plans to cut costs by about ¥300 billion ($2.8 billion USD), yearly production from 7.2 to 5.4 million units, and the number of global models from 69 to about 55. It’s closing down factories in Spain and Indonesia, and withdrawing from certain markets like South Korea.

Nissan didn’t say that it would kill off the Datsun brand, contrary to previous reports, but it didn’t say it wouldn’t either. It did say Datsun would withdraw from Russia, though.

Finally, when watching the video, one might wonder where the GT-R is in all this. While it went unmentioned, it is still considered a part of the core pillar of sports vehicles that includes the Z and Japan-market Skyline (Infiniti Q50 and Q60). It is still pictured in the powerpoint presentation released at the same time as the video.

We think this will be a much-needed refocus of Nissan’s goals, switching to continuing to build cars for the long run and, you know, existing in general, rather than a short-term look toward market share and profit. We’re glad to see the Z will be a part of it.

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17 Responses to Here’s your first look at the seventh-generation Nissan Z

  1. Lee L says:

    Please let it look like this. The whole rear half is just a perfect homage to the S30 from what I can see. The front looks to be modern, but not overly.

    Also there are a lot of small hatchbacks in that video!

  2. Mark Newton-John says:

    Can’t wait for the fanbois to ruin it by adding a ridiculous wing, window shades, tow hooks, and the ubiquitous fart can exhaust.

    • Lee L says:

      Agreed, but I’m sure they will be a bit more expensive than the GT86/BRZ so hopefully there will be less of that happening.

  3. Mark Newton-John says:

    GT-R? It’s not mentioned because it’s on another planet compared to the rest of the Nissan line.

  4. Kang Vang says:

    This is a proper Z car!

  5. LB1 says:

    I remember the first concept for the Z33 was something close to the S30, and then they decided on what became the 350Z. This looks much nicer than that first concept, although it’s still blacked out. Maybe it’s like a cross between the S30 and the 350/370Z. I love the headlights already.

  6. Steve says:

    At first glance, it looks pretty good, especially the 1/4 view of the first picture. But as I stare at the profile shot in the second picture, I notice that it has that weird R35 GTR and Z34 roofline that makes the cars look like they’re falling backwards. The cabin and tail seem too long relative to the whole car, especially behind the b-pillar which could mean it will share platforms with a two-door coupe, like the 350Z/G35? And finally, I do hope it will have a longer rear overhang like the S30 instead of being so stubby like the Z34.

    Having said that, I’ll hope for the best and I may end up buying one…

  7. D says:

    I’m sorry, but I still want my new SChassis. Toyota still has the market on the affordable, manual trans, RWD coupe. Come on, Nissan…

  8. CycoPablo says:

    The Z is visually “lighter” than the Z34, which can only be a good thing!

  9. Hans Hanson says:

    So…fastback Miata?

  10. Lupus says:

    The front mouth looks a bit like current MX5, only slightly more “open”. 😉

  11. dankan says:

    I’m going to hold off judgement until I see the thing without poor lighting. From what I could see, it’s a properly sized sports car, and won’t be a dishonour to the name. I’m never going to buy one, so good luck to them.

  12. ImUrOBGYN says:

    I’m worried it’ll be well over 3,000lbs on that chassis. Anyone more familiar w/it wanna chime in?

  13. Joaquin Ruhi says:

    That Z35 teaser is part of a greater Nissan Next video with similar dark teasers of the dozen Nissan vehicles worldwide that will unveil either facelifts or new-generation successors within the next 18 months. Anything not shown (such as GT-R and the mainstream U.S. sedans) will simply NOT receive any notable changes within that time frame.

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