Help Add A Mazda RX-3SP and Honda CR-X to Forza 3

Forza 3 is teaming up with Jalopnik for the next round of downloadable cars for the racing sim. Let’s try to stuff the ballot box with J-tin like this Mazda RX-3SP (flames not included). Other candidates include the ’84 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE, first-gen Honda CR-X Si and quasi-nostalgics like the B13 Sentra SE-R, Mazda 323 GT-R, Acura Legend, Mitsubishi Evos I and V, ’96 Scooby STi, and ST165 and ST185 Toyota Celica WRC cars.

Vote for Group I

Vote for Group II

Vote for Group III

UPDATE: Looks like the RX-3, RX-7, CR-X and a some of the newer J-tin made it!

Now there’s a new batch, including a Datsun 240Z (um, why wasn’t this car in there from the beginning?), 1970 Corolla, Pulsar GTI-R, R31 Skyline, AW11 MR2, Mitsubishi Starion, and more.

Vote for Group IV

Vote for Group V

Vote for Group VI

Hat tip to JamesE.

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9 Responses to Help Add A Mazda RX-3SP and Honda CR-X to Forza 3

  1. OkieRA29 says:

    I just voted, and I am gonna vote again. I live by the ethos of most Chicago politicians… Vote early, vote often

  2. Chris says:

    Needs more B110 TS cars

  3. bert says:

    I don’t know about all that, but the picture at the top is AWESOME!

  4. Rob says:

    Got a bunch of people at work who don’t even know about cars voting. i’d love to have some nostalgics in my xbox garage 🙂

  5. JamesE says:

    Make sure you revisit Jalopnik each day this week. The winners advance to another round of voting. Wednesday starts the 2nd round. I’m quite disappointed that the ST185 advanced while the ST165 did not, while the B13 Sentra and Mazda 323 got no love at all. Sad.

  6. Ryan says:


    Isnt there a 240z in F3? there is one in F2.

  7. Ben says:

    Ryan: We have no idea. I don’t even own an Xbox, lol

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