Hasemi Tomica Skyline Livery Rides Again


Fueled by the sponsorship of toy car maker Tomica, Masahiro Hasemi’s original fire-spitting KDR30 Nissan Skyline Super Silhouette was at the forefront of every Japanese child’s fevered imagination. The outrageous bodywork inspired legions of bosozoku-style ride-pimpers, countless diecast models, and even made an appearance in Gran Turismo 2. Walk into any hobby shop in Japan and you’ll find at least a few scale replicas of the 570PS monster, emblazoned with the word “Tomica” even if it might be made by a rival minicar company. And now, the iconic livery is back.

That’s because after a decades-long driving career Masahiro Hasemi is a now Super GT team owner. And this year, his Hasemi Motor Sport team is ditching their Yellow Hat R35 GT-R for a return to the ol’ red and black! Like the folks at Retro-Classics who brought this to our attention, we think this is an awesome nod to history. Expect to see a deluge of red and black R35 minicars soon. To see more of the car peep the gallery below, and to see the original R30 in action check out this video.

Unless Mazda suddenly announces a rebirth of the Cosmo Sports this will be the last of the new car posts for a while, we promise!

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5 Responses to Hasemi Tomica Skyline Livery Rides Again

  1. kyteler says:

    Nice! I was so excited at the use of the scheme I had to post it up ASAP including some images taken from scans of the “The Skyline – Symbol of 25 Years of Quality (since 1957)” book I happen to have. I can’t help but see the new GT-R in it’s low-down reformed look resembling the later formed R30 Super Silhouette, lower grille, wider smooth body-work, etc. Cheers for the link and cheers for the myriad of pictures of the GT-R in it’s Tomica livery. Awesome stuff.

  2. Sr-FairladyZ says:

    Shear awesomeness.

  3. Dan says:

    Are Tomica and Ebbro related? I find it funny how the gigantic “Tomica” was replaced with medium sized “Tomica” and “Ebbro” decals. I wish the new one had the the big “Tomica” on the front too. It’s just not the same…

  4. toyotageek says:

    Not sure as to the exact details, but they have some sort of colaborative effort going on… http://www.tomytec.co.jp/minicar/lineup/hasemi/index.html

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