Happy Year of the Rooster from JNC

Okay, so the logo of the Toyota Century is technically a fushichou, or phoenix derived from Chinese mythology. But, if you trace it back far enough, the fenghuang is also called the August Rooster and according to Wikipedia, sometimes replaces the rooster on the Chinese zodiac. We’ve never seen it happen, but hey, it was either this or an AW11 logo. Here’s a closeup so you can see the detail in all its golden glory. 

Happy Year of the Rooster from JNC!

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3 Responses to Happy Year of the Rooster from JNC

  1. Michael says:

    I think you will find its a Lyrebird.

    • John Moran says:

      Also known as the alternative fact bird in the U.S.

      Enjoyed seeing that Century on the Touge. Illuminated plate from where I was stationed in Japan – very cool!

  2. Legacy-san says:

    I just learned that after 20 years, Toyota is doing a full model change on the Century, and the V12 is going away. This might be a good opportunity to do a story on Toyota’s flagship, the most luxurious JNC ever built.

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